How to Widen a Shoe (Latest Guide)

How to Widen a Shoe? Do you find your shoes to be too tight and uncomfortable? Perhaps you have the wrong size shoe or need a wider-sized one. There are various methods to help you widen a shoe to make it more comfortable and fit perfectly!


How to Widen a Shoe

Wearing the most appropriate and comfortable shoe size is very important. No matter how nice a pair of shoes looks, if it does not fit appropriately, your feet will suffer and you won’t be able to walk comfortably. Sometimes, even if your shoes are in your size, they can feel too narrow. In such a situation, the best solution is to widen your shoes.


Why is Widening My Shoes Necessary?

There can be various situations when a person needs to wear higher or wider shoes. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • When your feet are wide or longer, it can cause your toes to cramp inside the toe area of the shoe.
  • For people suffering from corns and bunions, wider shoe possibilities give more breathing space to the foot, which in turn can help reduce the pressure on the skin.
  • High arches can also cause tight-fitting shoes
  • Depending on the type of material used in your shoes, it is possible that after a while you may need to widen them.

Therefore, if you cannot find a wide-enough shoe, or find the shoe to be too tight, don’t despair. You can try the following methods at home to widen the shoe and make your feet feel more comfortable.


How to Widen a Shoe Options Available

Here are some great options to widen a shoe, explained in detail:

1. Using a Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher is one of the easiest and the most popular ways to widen your shoes. These devices can also be used to increase the length of shoes, apart from widening them.


Shoe stretchers come in various sizes, depending on the part of the shoe that needs to be widened. It is a simple tool made of plastic or wood and having adjustable metal components, which can increase the size of the shoe. You just need to insert the required part of the shoe into the respective part of the shoe stretcher, using the required piece.


2. Using Tightening Spray

You just need to mist the tightening spray on the shoe and stretch it to ensure that the material expands evenly. After that, just wear the shoe for some time so that it gets enough time to dry up.


The advantage of tightening spray is that it can be used for materials like artificial leather, suede and vinyl. You just need to be careful while using harsh chemical sprays on leather shoes, as they can damage them.


3. Heat or Cold Method

In this method, you need to use either hot or cold water, depending on the type of shoe material to make the shoe soft and stretchable.

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For leather shoes, you need to dip soft set towels in cold water and stuff them inside the shoe. This will make the leather soft and flexible.


Similarly, if you are using some stretchable material, you just need to dip a soft towel in hot water and then stuff the shoe with it. The material will become soft and you can easily stretch it out.


4. Using Nuts and Bolts

This is a slightly complicated method but works well on leather material. For this, you need to remove the shoe’s sole and then drill two holes in the toe area, alternatively, above and below the shoe. Then secure leather laces using the nuts and bolts in the holes.


How to Widen a Shoe

Start tying the leather laces to a bar or door knob and keep tightening them alternatively till you feel that the width of the shoe has increased satisfactorily. After that, just reposition the sole of the shoe back in place and that’s it.


5. Shoe Trees and Forms

Shoe trees and forms are specifically designed to widen the toe area of shoes. You just need to place the tree or form inside the shoe and it will make the toe area wide without causing any damage to the shoe.

These are a great way to widen your shoes and also make them last longer than usual.



What are the different ways to widen a shoe?

There are various methods to help you widen a shoe. Some of them are using a shoe stretcher, tightening spray, heat or cold method, using nuts and bolts, and using shoe trees and forms.


Is shoe stretching good for the overall shoe?

Yes, shoe stretching is good for the overall shoe. It allows the shoe material to expand evenly, giving them a longer life.


Is widening dangerous to my shoes?

No, widening is not necessarily dangerous to your shoes. You just need to use the right technique for the right type of material.


Can I widen shoes at home?

Yes, you can widen shoes at home by using the various methods described above.


Which is the easiest way to widen a shoe?

The easiest way to widen a shoe is to use a shoe stretcher.


What is the best way to widen a shoe?

The best way to widen a shoe is to use a shoe tree or form.


What material is best to widen a shoe?

The best material to widen a shoe depends on the type of shoe material. Generally, leather and stretchable material can be widened easily.



As you can see, there are various methods to help you widen a shoe. Depending on the type of shoe material, you can opt for any of the above methods to make sure that your shoes fit perfectly and comfortably.


How to Widen a Shoe

It is recommended to start with a shoe stretcher, and then move on to other methods depending on your needs.

With the right tools and techniques, you can widen your shoes and make sure that you look good and feel comfortable.