How To Identify Original Fila Shoes? (Learn 9 Step)

How To Identify Original Fila Shoes? As a sneakerhead, you may find it slightly easier to identify shoes compared to the untrained eye, however, that doesn’t always hold true. Con artists have used programs on the internet to create exact replicas of popular shoes, leaving fans to wonder how to find out if the shoes they’re eyeing are original or a knock-off.


How To Identify Original Fila Shoes

Knowing where to look and what to look for are some of the things that have helped many sneaker fans differentiate between the real and counterfeit shoes.

In this article, we’ll teach you nine simple steps to identify original Fila shoes and avoid getting caught up in a sale of counterfeit merchandise.


Step 1: Examine the Price

The first thing you should do when trying to weed out a pair of counterfeit Fila shoes is examining the price. Authentic Fila shoes tend to go for slightly high prices compared to the various knock-offs sold online.


We wouldn’t, however, advise you to purchase from a store or website offering outrageously low prices. Many counterfeit stores tend to sell overpriced items at a ridiculously low price to lure you into buying them.


The best way to go about it is to check the pricing of the item from various sources to come up with an approximate figure.


Step 2: Study the Fila Logo

Fila logo designs vary over the years, but that doesn’t mean original shoes lack consistency. Every pair of Fila shoes will usually feature the Fila logo on the front of the shoes, sometimes also on the back, tongue or shoelace.

You should take a quick look at the logo to see if it looks like it has been stamped on the shoe or printed. An even better indication that the shoes are fake would be if it looks different, hazy or out of place.


Step 3: Check the Shoe Box

It’s usually said that a stunning shoe box should feature on all pairs of original Fila shoes, and that’s also a great way to check if the shoe is real or fake.


A meticulous look at the box should help you determine if it’s original or a bogus one. The original shoe box should come with a barcode. If you can scan it, the barcode should have a unique identifier.


The design should also match other design elements like the design on the shoes. If you’re purchasing used Fila shoes. Then it’s safe to presume that it won’t come with the original box. But then you should be sure of other elements e.g. logo.


Step 4: Examine the Shoe Design

If they’re new, you can always visit the Fila website to check the picture and description on the website. Checking the design is also another way to check for authenticity. As the design of the shoes should match the design of the many pictures on the official website.


Moreover, if you look closely, you should also notice a code printed inside the shoe that should match the code on the shoe’s official specs on the website.


Step 5: Read Reviews

If you still can’t trust your judgement, you can always examine the online reviews from various sneaker blogs or sneaker fan pages. See what others have said about the shoe they’ve bought and whether they think or feel it’s original or a knock-off.


There are lots of great sneaker blogs and fan pages online that will help you weed out the fake pairs of shoes. Especially ones that purchase from well-known stores or with features that non-original shoes might lack.


Step 6: Cross With a Second Opinion

If you still want to ensure that the pair of Fila shoes you’re eyeing is original. You can always contact Fila’s customer service page and have them confirm it for you.

The customer service could be contacted via email or the telephone. You can provide the model number and the item number with your request for confirmation.


Step 7: Examine the Shoe Material

Another way to check for authenticity is by examining the shoe material. Fila shoes are usually made with high-quality material that are soft and adjustable.

If the material feels rough, uncomfortable or stiff, it’s most likely a fake pair. Also look for the quality of stiches, faded colors, and the cushion level.


Step 8: Smell the Shoe

The smell isn’t the most common way to detect the original pair of shoes. But it’s something you can do if you’ve got a great sniffer.


Most original shoe designs usually have a certain smell because it’s a unique and identifiable scent based on the type of material used for it.


Step 9: Check the Laces

The last factor you should consider before you make a purchase is the laces of the shoes.

Original Fila shoes come with quality-made laces, stitched and made with a durable material that’s designed to last. If the laces feel flimsy, then you’ve probably got yourself a pair of counterfeit shoes.



Determining the originality of a pair of Fila shoes doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you know what you’re looking for and where to look.


Looking out for the price, design, shoe box, material, smell, logo, laces, and shoe reviews should help you identify the original pairs quite easily. We advise that you consider these factors before making a purchase.



What Is the Best Way to Determine the Originality of Fila Shoes?

The best way to determine the originality of Fila shoes is to consider the factors such as price, design, shoe box, material, smell, logo, laces, and shoe reviews before making a purchase.


Are Fila Shoes Originally German?

No, they are not. The Fila brand originally founded in Italy, in 1911, by the Fila brothers. The Fila brand moved into the United States in 1982 and is now based in South Korea.


What Are Some of the Materials Used to Make Fila Shoes?

Fila shoes usually made of synthetic and leather materials. The designs sometimes include a combination of materials for extra durability and comfort.


What Are the Types of Fila Shoes?

Fila sneakers come in a wide selection of styles and designs. Some of their popular designs include Fila Disruptor, Fila Ray, Fila F-13, Fila Cage, and Fila Axilus.


How Can I Tell If a Pair of Fila Shoes Is Fake?

You can tell if a pair of Fila shoes is fake by examining the logo, price, shoe box, design, material, smell, logo, laces, and shoe reviews. If any of the factors don’t match with what you know about the original design, then it’s most likely a fake pair.


Where Can I Find Original Fila Shoes?

You can find original Fila shoes online stores and ecommerce platforms. You can also find them in official Fila stores and in various retailers spread across the United States.