How To Identify Original Converse Shoes? (Hidden 5 Step)

How To Identify Original Converse Shoes? When shopping for Converse shoes, it’s important to make sure that you’re buying a genuine pair of genuine Converse shoes and not a cheap imitation.


How To Identify Original Converse Shoes

Here are some key strategies to help you identify if your shoes are the real deal.


Step 1: Examine the Shape of the Shoes

The design of classic Converse sneakers is quite distinct and instantly recognizable. The toe should be relatively flat and the sole of the shoe should be slightly curved.

A genuine Converse also has iconic diamond-shaped stitching on the side. There should also be an eye-catching star logo on the lateral sides near the ankle.


Step 2: Check the Size Tag

Genuine Converse shoes will always have the size tag stitched into the tongue of the shoe. On the tag itself, it should read “Converse All Star”, and should include the shoe size. If the size tag is missing, then it is likely to be an imitation pair of shoes.


Step 3: Inspect the Woven Label

Many authentic Converse shoes contain a woven label on the inner sole of the shoe. The label usually contains the Converse logo.

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If the logo is missing, the label is inaccurate or the material looks thin and flimsy, then you’re looking at a likely fake.


Step 4: Observe the Quality of the Laces

Have a close look at the laces of your Converse sneakers. Genuine laces are strong and durable, so if the laces are thin and easy to tear, you may have a fake on your hands. In addition, the eyelets for the laces should always be made from metal. Genuine Converse laces should also be of an even length and have a neat, sturdy knot.


Step 5: Look at the Outsole of the Shoes

Authentic Converse shoes have a well-designed outsole with a unique pattern. If the outsole is printed rather than moulded, it’s likely to be a fake. In addition, the Converse logo should be prominently displayed on the heel of the outsole.

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When buying new Converse shoes, make sure to follow these tips to help you identify authentic pairs of sneakers. If you go through all these steps and still remain uncertain, you can always contact Converse to verify the authenticity of your purchase.