How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener Kiwi Shoe Whitener is a product used to restore the color of white shoes that have become discolored or yellowed over time. Here are the steps to use Kiwi Shoe Whitener effectively


How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

Shoe whiteners and other shoe polishing treatments may do a lot of amazing things for your shoes, and they are utilized in a variety of ways. When it comes to applying shoe whiteners like Kiwi Shoe Whitener, however, it can be quite difficult. We’ll go through how to use Kiwi shoe whitener and other common whiteners on your own in this article.

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

If you follow this article, you are going to get a step-by step brief idea on how to easily do that and trust us when we say this, it is a really easy thing to do. All you need to do is get a Kiwi Shoe Whitener, a microfiber cloth, and an electric fan (optional)

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

Kiwi Shoe Whitener is a great product that can definitely help you get the desired polish and color to your shoes because this is going to also give you give your product a new and improved life. To apply Kiwi Shoe Whitener on your shoes the steps that you need to follow are:

Cleaning Phase

In the first step on learning how to use Kiwi Shoe Whitener, we have to clean the shoe surface so that there is no dirt and for that, we will need a microfiber cloth. We need to use one cloth to wipe off dirt from the surface of the shoes with water and then use the second dry cloth to absorb the moisture. After that, we need to shake the bottle of the Kiwi Shoe Whitener firmly.

Clean the Shoe Surface

Application Phase

In the second step, we need to remove the cap of the bottle and press it on a sponge or a new dry microfiber cloth. After this, we need to apply the whitener on the surface of the shoe. Please do keep in mind that we need to do this evenly so that there is no bump on the surface or no part with dark patches.

Applying Kiwi Shoe Whitener

Cleaning the Application and Cloth

After you have applied the whitener all over the shoe, now you have to rinse the sponge or the microfiber cloth with water so that there is no residue as this might damage the thing in the future. After that, keep the bottle away from children in a warm and dry place.

Drying Phase

After applying, gently put down the shoe in a place where there is no humidity. It is better to put it outside during the day so that the shoe can get a lot of fresh air and sunlight. This is going to make the drying process go smoothly.

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

However, if you want to shorten the time of drying, don’t forget to use an electric fan as this is going to give a lot of air and speed up the process.

This is an intriguing item. The container sprays a white foam onto the sponge, which you then spread around with relative ease. It’s like a foamy, thin white paint that doesn’t change the texture of whatever it’s applied on, so it’s almost invisible and intangible except for the white it leaves behind. And thin is preferable than thick for both texture and the fact that it’s easier to add additional thin coats than it is to remove a heavy one.

Drying the Shoes

Also, please do keep in mind that you need to press the bottle down and not squeeze because squeezing does nothing to the bottle.

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

Kiwi also makes a scuff remover. I would start by applying two coats of kiwi scuff. Allow each coat to dry completely before wiping shoes. Allow to dry completely overnight. After that, apply two coats of Kiwi Whitener. Kiwi sport shoe whitener is intended for use on fabric rather than leather.

I tried this method to cover up part of the original white on my leather shoes, and it worked well. My shoes always appear new, and cleaning them after each coat dries gives them a wonderful sheen. So, you’ll need two Kiwi items in total. But don’t worry, you can still use this product on its own.


Can You Use Kiwi Whitener on Leather Shoes?

Certainly! Kiwi Whitener is a sort of polish that may be used on any smooth-textured leather product. As a consequence, the product will remain safe and lustrous. Leathers and materials like these will accumulate stains over time, reducing their lifetime significantly. As a result, polishing lotions that can be used on both shoes and other leather items are preferable.

How Do You Clean White Canvas Shoes With Oxiclean?

You can clean your white canvas shoes easily with OxiClean. Place your sneakers in a pail of warm water to clean them with OxiClean and dish soap. To the heated water, add equal parts dish soap and OxiClean. After soaking them overnight, rinse them with cold water and air dry them.

Cleaning White Shoe by Using Oxiclean

What Can I Use to Clean My Shoes at Home?

There are tons of things in your home and outside that you can use to clean your shoe. Some of them are, toothbrush, nail brush, file, white microfiber cloth, vinegar or baking sodas. If your shoes are made of leather, you can also try Windex or Petroleum jelly for patent leather shoes.

You can try vinegar and rubbing alcohol if you have sheepskin shoes, toothpaste if you have canvas shoes, nail polish remover for sneakers, baking soda and detergent if you are using rubber flip-flops, if you are using wedges, you can use dish detergent and carpet cleaners.


We all want to wear our favorite shoes, and we especially don’t want to wear anything with large stains on it. We have to make our shoes look beautiful if we want to increase our confidence and also impress someone. As a result, whiteners are our best friends in this field.

If you have followed our instructions to this point, we are certain that you will know how to use Kiwi Shoe Whitener or other polishes for your shoes or leather items.

How to Use Kiwi Shoe Whitener

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