How to Tell If Your Adidas Shoe Are Fake

How to Tell If Your Adidas Shoe Are Fake Look for any misspellings, incorrect fonts, or faded logos, which would be indicators that the shoe is not genuine.

Authentic vs. Fake

When looking to purchase Adidas shoes, it is important to ensure you are purchasing an authentic pair. Fake shoes may be cheaper, but that does not necessarily mean they will be of the same quality as an original pair. For this reason, it is important to know the differences between a genuine and a counterfeit Adidas shoe in order to make a wise purchase. Here are some ways to tell if your Adidas shoe is fake.

Check the Label

The first thing that you should look for when trying to determine if your shoe is authentic or counterfeit is the label. An authentic Adidas shoe will have a ‘three white stripes’ logo, usually on the tongue or back of the shoe.

Inspect the Quality of the Construction

One of the most important steps is to inspect the quality of the shoe’s construction. Authentic Adidas shoes are known for their high quality and durability, so any blemishes in the stitching, glue, or material should signal that the shoe is fake. Pay attention to the seams, detail work, and soles. The soles should have a textured design to ensure secure footing during wear.

Compare Prices

If the price for the Adidas shoe seems too good to be true, then it likely is. Authentic Adidas shoes can be expensive, so if the price seems too low, you may have a suspect pair of shoes on your hands. Before you make a purchase, do some research to get an idea of what an authentic pair of Adidas shoes should cost.

Research the Store

It is also important to research the store that is selling the shoes. If the store appears to be selling only counterfeit products, then it would be wise to reconsider a purchase. Look for reviews and comments from customers, as this can be a good indicator of whether or not the store is reputable and trustworthy.

How to Tell If Your Adidas Shoe Are Fake

The key to determining if your Adidas shoe is authentic or counterfeit is to do your research. It is important to make sure that the label is correct, the construction is high quality, the price is within a reasonable range, and the store is reputable. By following these tips you can ensure that you are making a wise purchase now and in the future.

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Fake Adidas shoes are a bane for the legitimate shoes industry. Unfortunately, they have become so widespread that it can be hard to distinguish between real and fake Adidas shoes. This is especially true if you’re new to shoe shopping or don’t know much about Adidas shoes. We’ll discuss what to look out for when it comes to spotting fake Adidas shoes, in order to make sure you’re buying authentic ones.

What Are Fake Adidas Shoes?

Fake Adidas shoes are copies that look almost identical to the real thing, but aren’t produced by Adidas. They’re usually sold at a much cheaper price than genuine Adidas shoes, and often make use of cheaper materials to cut costs. Fake Adidas shoes are usually made in sweatshops or by unethical retailers who are just trying to make a quick buck. This means that not only are they not as good a quality as the real thing, but also that they don’t provide the same level of safety or protection for the feet that real Adidas shoes do.

Signs Of Fake Adidas Shoes

There are a few key indicators that can be used to tell if a pair of Adidas shoes is fake or not. By having a keen eye and knowing these signs, it should be relatively easy to tell the difference between a real pair of Adidas shoes and a fake one.


Real Adidas shoes are usually made from a combination of synthetic materials such as Nylon, AirMesh, and Neoprene. These materials create a comfortable, breathable, and durable shoe, perfect for running or sports activities. Fake shoes, on the other hand, are usually made from cheaper and lower-grade materials. It will be obvious if the material used to construct the shoes is of a lower quality than it should be.


Real Adidas shoes usually come in a range of different colors and hues, including some that are hard to replicate. Fake shoes will often have a few core colors that are repeated over and over again, such as black, white, and red. On close inspection, it’s easy to see that the color isn’t quite the same as it should be.


One of the most obvious signs of a fake shoe is the brand’s logo. For Adidas shoes, the logo will be a recognizable trefoil or three-stripe shape. On authentic Adidas shoes, the logo should be stitched in place and contain the correct colors and font. Fake logos will often be printed on the outside of the shoe, or entirely misshapen with oddfonts or colors.


The price of Adidas shoes is usually consistent, with only subtle variations depending on the design. This means that if a pair of shoes is advertised at a hugely discounted price, then it’s likely to be a fake. It’s always worth doing some research to compare prices before making a purchase.

Sole Quality

The soles of genuine Adidas shoes should be thick and rigid, and should feature a patented waffle pattern. Fake shoes often use thin soles that are prone to ripping or wearing away quickly. Additionally, the soles of fake shoes will rarely match the same quality or polish as the genuine ones.


The stitching on real Adidas shoes is done with precision and accuracy, using finer threads than those you might find on fake shoes. Fake shoes often have poor stitching that quickly unravels, and the patterns aren’t necessarily consistent. If the stitching looks sloppy or rushed, then chances are it’s a fake.

Interior Labels

When you take out the tongue of an Adidas shoe, you’ll usually find a label printed on the inside. This label will typically have a serial number, size, and country of origin printed upon it. Real Adidas shoes will have accurate labels that are printed straight and look clean. Fake shoes, on the other hand, will often have labels that are wrinkled or falling off, or are far too small.

Other Clues That It Could Be a Fake

Aside from the obvious indicators, there are other signs that can help to identify fake Adidas shoes. Firstly, it’s worth having a look at the store that’s selling the shoes. If the store is obscure or doesn’t have much of a reputation, then it’s worth being suspicious. You can also try inspecting the packaging that the shoes come in – for example, you’re unlikely to find a real pair of Adidas shoes packaged in a plain, unmarked box. Other clues include finding unusual fonts, sizes, or colours that haven’t been used by Adidas before. Finally, be sure to take extra care if you’re purchasing Adidas shoes from an online store – it’s easy to be taken in by seemingly genuine Adidas shoes that are actually counterfeit.


Fake Adidas shoes may look remarkably similar to the real thing, but there are a few subtle differences that can help you spot a fake. Real Adidas shoes are usually made from higher-grade materials, feature more vibrant colors, have a recognizable logo, and are priced at realistic levels. Fake shoes, on the other hand, feature inferior materials and will have sloppy logos, stitching, and interior labels. Be sure to take extra care when buying Adidas shoes online, and always try to buy from reputable retailers. By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that you’re buying an authentic, quality pair of Adidas shoes.

Spot the Differences in the Logo and Logo Placement

Reliable clues that can help you distinguish authentic Adidas shoes from fake ones come from carefully scrutinizing the logo on the kicks and the placement of it on the shoes.

The Adidas logo is usually a three-stripe, symmetrical design. It usually appears on the outer side, generally one of the middle stripes. However, if it appears closer to the heel or the tongue of the shoe, it’s likely a copy or counterfeit. Similarly, take note of the font used for the logo, if it is thicker than normal or fails to follow the traditional Adidas logo design, your shoes are likely fake. Additionally, if there is excess glue around the logo, it is often a tell-tale sign that the shoes are imitation.


Identify the Stitching

The next clue that can help you determine whether you’re wearing an original or a duplicate comes from the stitching. The threads used on an authentic pair of Adidas would be uniform. The stitching pattern should be complete, without any excess threads or sloppy stitching. Spotting the excess threads or sloppy stitching coming out of the shoe is a surefire way to tell that you’re wearing a fake pair.

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The quality of the threads used on the shoes can also be a good indicator of their authenticity. The threads of an original pair of Adidas will have a smooth and glossy finish, as opposed to a satin or matte finish which could indicate a counterfeit pair.


See How It Fits on You

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re determining the authenticity of a pair of Adidas shoes is how it fits on you. After all, wearing a shoe is the most effective way to find out if it is a fake.


When trying on an original pair of Adidas shoes, they should fit perfectly. There should be no pinching or rubbing and your feet should fit snuggly within the shoes. On the other hand, if the shoes are too tight or too loose, they’re likely to be fake.


Analyzing the Soles

Another key element that can help distinguish an authentic pair of shoes from a counterfeit one is the soles. The sole of an Adidas shoe should be well-crafted and come with sufficient cushioning. The design of the sole should also be precise and well detailed.

It’s also important to note that an authentic Adidas shoe will come with the Adidas logo on the surface of the sole. The logo should be well-detailed and larger than a pin. Once again, if the logo is sloppily made or is located in an odd place on the sole, it’s likely an imitation.


Future Benefits of Authentic Adidas Shoes

The authenticity of an Adidas shoe is important not only for its value, but also for the benefits it brings. These shoes are designed to last for years, meaning your footwear investment is maximized. In addition, authentic Adidas shoes are manufactured with the highest quality materials, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and supported.

The bright colours and stylish designs also give you an opportunity to make a fashion statement with your shoes. And, with a variety of models available, from streetwear to activewear, you’ll be sure to find a pair of Adidas shoes to suit any occasion or style. Finally, the plethora of sizes helps guarantee that everyone can find a pair that fits them perfectly.


Invest in Quality Shoes

Investing in quality Adidas shoes is an investment for the future, as they are designed to last and stand up to regular wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that the pair of shoes you’re buying are authentic. To do this, make sure to observe the logo and logo placement, the stitching, the fit, and the sole. By following these steps, you’ll be able to spot any tell-tale signs of a counterfeit pair of shoes and avoid being taken advantage of.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a pair of Adidas shoes, make sure to take your time and invest in a quality pair. You’ll not only get a great style, but also unmatched comfort and durability.

Are all Adidas shoes accompanied by a serial number?

No, not all Adidas shoes come with a serial number. Many of the company’s shoes do have one, but there are some styles of shoes that don’t have serial numbers. It’s important to note that having a serial number doesn’t mean a shoe is authentic – counterfeiters often counterfeit the serial numbers as well.

What are the differences between a genuine Adidas shoe and a fake one?

Genuine Adidas shoes are usually made from higher quality materials, with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. The stitching should be strong, neat and even, and the logo should be perfectly centered, with clean, straight lines.


The branding and serial number should be clear and printed correctly. A fake shoe will often be made from lesser quality materials, the stitching and logo may be off centered, and the branding and serial number may be inaccurate or missing altogether.

Can the difference between an authentic and a counterfeit shoe be seen with the naked eye?

Generally, yes – the differences in quality between a genuine and counterfeit shoe are usually pretty clear upon first inspection. However, some counterfeits are made with a higher degree of detail and quality, so it may be hard to tell the difference without closely examining the product.

What details should I look for to tell whether an Adidas shoe is authentic or fake?

When trying to spot the differences between an authentic and counterfeit Adidas shoe, look out for details such as the quality of material, craftsmanship, logo placement, branding, and serial number accuracy. Counterfeit shoes often have materials of a lesser quality, they may have off centered logos or branding, and the serial numbers may be inaccurate or missing altogether.

What are the best ways to tell if an Adidas shoe is real or fake?

One of the best ways is to look for a serial number. If the shoe has a serial number, check it against Adidas’ authenticator website. It is also important to look carefully at the quality of the material, the stitching, and the placement of the logos and branding. Compare the look and feel of the shoe with images and videos of genuine products available online. Any discrepancies between the real and fake product should be noted.

What amount of scrutiny should I apply when trying to discern between authentic and counterfeit Adidas?

When trying to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit Adidas, it is important to apply a degree of scrutiny and use all available resources as guides. Take note of any discrepancies in materials and craftsmanship, check the serial number accuracy, compare the product with images and videos of genuine products online, and if necessary, consult experts or contact Adidas directly for clarification.

What should I do if I come across a shoe that I think may be counterfeit?

If you believe you have encountered a shoe that may be counterfeit, it’s best to avoid it and do not purchase it. Search for genuine Adidas shoes through official retailers only, or purchase directly from the company’s website. If you do come across counterfeit products, report them to the company or local authorities, as they are illegal and often of an inferior quality.

The Basics of Fake vs. Real Adidas Shoes

Identifying fake Adidas shoes can be a bit tricky. Knowing the basics of the differences between genuine shoes and fake knockoffs is essential in spotting the fakes. Fake Adidas shoes are usually made with inferior materials and have a different shape than real shoes. Additionally, the stitching on the fake shoes may be done incorrectly or not at all, poor branding, and on the bottom of the shoes there should be information on what country the shoes were made in.

Look Out for Wrong Colors

Genuine Adidas shoes come in a variety of colors and materials. Fake Adidas shoes often have poor quality paint or dye, causing the wrong colors to be used in the shoes. Counterfeit shoes made of cheap materials that barely resemble the color of the genuine shoes should be considered fake.

Check for Poor Stitching and Branding

One of the most important ways to spot fake Adidas shoes is to pay attention to the stitching. Fake Adidas shoes will usually have stitching that is done unevenly or does not match up correctly. Poor thread quality and incorrect spacing of the thread should also be noted. On genuine Adidas shoes, the branding should be clear and not look like it has been printed on.

Be Aware of Poor Quality Soles

Fake Adidas shoes often have soles that are made from inferior materials that are not as durable as original shoes. The soles of fake shoes could also break down much faster than soles of genuine shoes. Look for signs of separation on the sole and be wary of shoes that use glues or adhesives that look artificial or cheaper than those used on original shoes.

Look at the Country of Origin

When purchasing a pair of Adidas shoes, be aware of what country the shoes are from. Genuine Adidas shoes are usually made in either Germany or China and should have information on the bottom of the shoes indicating what country the shoes were made in. Fake Adidas shoes will usually give no information of the country of origin, or they may have incorrect information that can be easily checked with the help of the Internet.

In The Bottom Line

When it comes to buying Adidas shoes, it is essential to pay attention to all the details of the shoes and compare them to those of the genuine articles. Knowing the basics of the differentiating factors between fake and real shoes can help you avoid buying a fake. Fake shoes usually have inferior materials, incorrect branding, irregular stitching, incorrect colors, and misleading origination labels. By comparing genuine shoes to fakes, it is easy to spot when a shoe is counterfeit. How to Tell If Your Adidas Shoe Are Fake can give people the tools and knowledge to spot the difference between fakes and genuine ones when purchasing designer Adidas shoes.