How to Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

How to Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down the Shoe heels can wear down quickly, causing discomfort and making your shoes less attractive. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to stop shoe heels from wearing down. Here are some tips


How to Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

There are times in everyone’s life when we have invested in new pairs of shoes just because our previous heels have been worn-out after a short while and have become useless. If that is the case, then we have got good news for you! There are a few ways how you can work on that.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to stop shoe heels from wearing down and how you will be able to work on them so that the shoes that you are wearing can last longer and you can stop your heels from wearing down easily.


Shoe heels to wear down

It is a normal thing for shoe heels to wear down, like all other products. This is because as time passes, their temper goes down and it reduces their lifespan. However, what is not normal is if the rate at which this tearing down happens too fast.

How to Stop Shoe Heels from Wearing Down

Above all, it is not a good idea financially to invest in a new pair of shoes just because the heels of your previous shoes have been worn out after just two months. Friction is one of the most important reasons why this happens because you are supposed to enjoy your shoes normally and the wear and tear is supposed to happen gradually.

On the other hand, it is also required that to stop shoe heels from wearing down easily, or to use shoes for a long term, you should definitely start investing in shoes that have higher quality. If you want to do that, the things you need to look for are:

Amount of torque

You need to find out if the shoes have a small amount of torque. This is going to help you determine whether the pair of shoes has the right amount of torque. To do this, you have to hold the shoe at both ends and then slightly twist them. When you twist them, the shoes should be able to smoothly twist or bend, which is going to give you a proper weight of the material and the quality of the shoe heel and the body of the shoe.

You then have to make sure that the place where the toes bend can be easily bent. This is mainly done because as you are walking, running, relaxing, your toes are going to need the space and the room to bend. This is an important step for both your health and the mobility of your legs. You have to find shoes that are flexible and give you the proper health benefits.


Stiff back or heel

You have to check if the shoes have a stiff back or heel. Generally speaking, you should always go for the shoes that has a back or heels that doesn’t shift from one side to the other.

Please do check for shoes that can provide an arch support. You are definitely going to need shoes that has proper arch support and if your shoes don’t have good arch support. Then don’t worry, you can easily add more support by buying good quality insoles.

Comfortability is one of the most important aspects when buying a new pair of shoes. It really doesn’t matter whether a shoe is expensive or not, if you don’t feel comfortable while wearing them.  


The final thing

The final thing that you should do to stop shoe heels from wearing down while buying is to check if the shoes are wide and long enough at the toe side of your legs. If you have got wide toes, you should never try to squeeze them into the shoes which are not long or wide enough for you. You should always remember that that you need to determine the right size of your shoes by using your toes as the base of measurement.

Now you know what are the points that you need to check before you buy your new pair of shoes and reduce the risk of having problems of heels in the short run.


How to Stop Shoe Heels From Wearing Down

One of the most common problems that people face when their shoe heels wear down is that the wearing happens unevenly. When this happens, your shoe will start losing the original shape and hence, this will be really hard to wear. One of the most important things to learn how to stop shoe heels from wearing down is to focus on the walking technique that you have right now.


Focusing on the Walking Technique

Do keep in mind that when you are walking, every step needs to go through two stages. One of them is the stance and the other one is the swing. The first phase or the stance phase begins with the main foot making a contact with the heel to the ground. After that, the heel to toe progression is gradually done to the weight-bearing foot.

Do Keep in That When You Are Walking

Another stage is the swing stage, which begins with the rapid ankle, hip and knee flexion which allows for our foot to move forward.


Good body balance

It is required to have a good body balance in this step because this is going to give you the forward momentum that is going to help us push forward. You can improve this step by:

  • Try to stand upright as you are walking. This is going to help you avoid pressure that can be piled up on one side of the shoe. Which is going to lead to the heels wearing down. Keeping an upright posture is a very critical step because this is also a beneficial thing that is going to keep. Your health in good condition. People who walk in a slouch position or having a hunched back might have different problems including back pains, higher risk of strokes, and also other serious problems.
  • You should also use all the muscles as you walk since this is going to keep your joints clean and also save you from having muscle cramps.

Investing in Sole Protectors

Investing in sole protectors is one of the easiest and fastest fixes that you can do to stop your shoe heels from wearing down. These protectors are mostly designed to fit in all different kinds of shoes.

You Need to Find Out If Your Shoes have Fair Amount of Torque

Once of the best things about them is that they are very easy to fix and change. As a result, you will be able to change them whenever you want and improve the lifespan of your shoes.


Why Do My High Heels Lean to the Side?

This is one of the main causes of heels leaning to the side is if they are of poor quality or they are wearing down. You can easily fix them by investing in good sole protectors or if you want. You can change them by improving your walking style.

Can a Boot Heel be Cut Down?

Yes, you can cut a boot heel. You are going to need a tool that has a sharp edge and you also need to slice. It at an angle. This is going to give you a smooth cut into the heel of the boot.

Cutting a Boot Heel

How Can I Shorten My Heel Height?

You can shorten or change the height of a heel. However, only a few millimeters. If they are adjusted to changed too much. This is going to severely damage the balance of the shoe and hence, cause a lot of different problems in the future. As a result, you should definitely be careful when shortening the heel height.


All of us wear shoes to make us feel comfortable when we are walking and after reading this article. We are sure that you will be able to answer how to stop shoe heels from wearing down. If you have any questions, then please do feel free to write them in the comments section below. We wish you a great day and happy walking!

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