Adidas Shoes where are they made in usa

Adidas Shoes where are they made in usa Adidas Shoes: Where Are They Made in the USA? If you’re a fan of Adidas shoes, you’ve probably wondered about the origin of your favorite kicks. Are they made in the USA, or are they imported from another country? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Adidas shoes and explore the truth about where they are made. So grab your sneakers and let’s get started!

What Does It Mean for a Shoe to Be “Made in the USA”?

Before we can answer the question of where Adidas shoes are made, let’s first define what it means for a shoe to be “made in the USA”. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a product can be labeled as “Made in USA” if it is “all or virtually all” made in the United States.

This means that the product’s final assembly or processing must take place in the US, and that all or almost all of its components are also made in the US. So in the case of Adidas shoes, this would mean that they are manufactured and assembled in the US using materials that are also made in the US.

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Now that we understand the concept of “Made in USA”, let’s find out where Adidas shoes are made. Although Adidas is a German company, they do have factories located in the United States. However, the majority of their shoes are not made in the US.

Adidas shoes are made in various countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India, among others. They do have a few factories in the US, primarily in places like Portland and Atlanta. These factories typically produce limited edition or special release shoes, and they are known for their high quality and attention to detail.


Factors That Determine Where Adidas Shoes Are Made

So what determines where Adidas shoes are made? There are a few main factors that come into play. The first is cost. Like many companies, Adidas seeks to minimize production costs in order to maximize profits. This means that they will often manufacture their shoes in countries where labor and materials are cheaper.

The second factor is production capacity. Adidas sells millions of pairs of shoes every year, so they need to be able to produce a high volume of shoes in a relatively short amount of time. This is why they have factories located in different countries to meet the demand for their shoes.

Lastly, some shoes are designed specifically for a certain market. For example, a shoe that is popular in Europe may not be as popular in the US, so it wouldn’t make sense to produce it in the US. In this case, Adidas will manufacture the shoe in the country where it will sell the most.


The Manufacturing Process

Now that we know where Adidas shoes are made, let’s take a closer look at the manufacturing process. Although the process may vary slightly from factory to factory, the general steps are as follows:

1. Designing and prototyping: The first step in manufacturing an Adidas shoe is designing and creating a prototype. This is done by a team of designers and engineers who work together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing shoe.

2. Sourcing materials: Next, the necessary materials are sourced. This can include everything from the fabric for the upper to the rubber for the sole. In some cases, Adidas may have exclusive partnerships with certain material suppliers.

3. Cutting and stitching: Once the materials have been sourced and prepared, they are cut into the different components of the shoe and then stitched together. This is done either by hand or by machine, depending on the specific shoe and its design.

4. Assembly: After cutting and stitching, the components are assembled together to make the complete shoe. This typically involves attaching the upper to the midsole and then attaching the outsole to the midsole.

5. Quality control: Before any shoes leave the factory, they undergo a thorough quality control check. This ensures that they meet Adidas’ high standards of quality and will perform well for its customers.

6. Packaging and distribution: Once the shoes have passed quality control, they are packaged and shipped to various locations around the world. From there, they are distributed to retail stores or directly to customers who purchase them online.



1. Are all Adidas shoes made in the USA?

No, the majority of Adidas shoes are not made in the USA. They are made in various countries including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


2. Are Adidas shoes that are made in the USA of higher quality?

Not necessarily. Adidas shoes made in the US may have a reputation for being of higher quality due to their limited edition or special release status, but there are many well-made Adidas shoes produced in other countries as well.


3. How can I tell if my Adidas shoes were made in the USA?

You can check the label inside your shoes to see where they were manufactured. Adidas shoes made in the USA will have a label that indicates this.


4. Why doesn’t Adidas produce all of their shoes in the USA?

As mentioned before, cost and production capacity are the main determining factors in where Adidas produces their shoes. Producing all of their shoes in the USA would be much more expensive and time-consuming.


5. Are there any advantages to buying Adidas shoes made in the USA?

Aside from the limited edition or special release status, buying Adidas shoes made in the USA can also support American jobs and the local economy.


6. Can I request a specific country of manufacture for my Adidas shoes?

No, you cannot request a specific country of manufacture for your Adidas shoes. The company determines where each shoe will be produced based on various factors.


7. Does Adidas have any plans to increase production in the USA?

Adidas has not announced any plans to drastically increase production in the USA, but they may continue to release limited edition or special release shoes from their US factories.



In conclusion, the majority of Adidas shoes are not made in the USA. They are manufactured and assembled in various countries around the world, with a few limited edition shoes produced in the US. This is due to factors such as cost, production capacity, and targeted markets. However, no matter where they are made, Adidas shoes are known for their quality, style, and performance. So the next time you put on your favorite pair of Adidas kicks, you can appreciate the global effort that went into creating them.