How to Make Yourself Look Taller With Shoes

How to Make Yourself Look Taller With Shoes

How to Make Yourself Look Taller With Shoes for the Height is an important factor for many people, and shoes can be a quick and easy way to add a few extra inches to your height. Here are some ways to make yourself look taller with shoes


How to Make Yourself Look Taller

One of the simplest methods to seem taller is to get new shoes. Whether you want a dramatic height increase or simply a modest one, the correct shoes may make you appear taller without compromising your sense of style. Continue reading to find out which shoes will make you appear taller and how to style them with items from your closet to create gorgeous looks.

Despite the fact that there are many various ways to seem taller, wearing shoes is one of the most popular. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make yourself look taller with shoes.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller With Shoes

People may make themselves appear taller by doing a variety of activities. Some people get surgery, some dress tall, and yet others wear heels on their shoes.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller

To give the impression that they are taller, many people exclusively wear heels. Finding out about the various shoe kinds that might help you seem taller is a wonderful place to start if you’re seeking for a strategy to do so.

You may simply give the impression that you are taller by wearing the right shoes, which can be added in a variety of ways.

So, if you want to appear taller, wearing heels of shoes is a simple way to do it.

Things you need to make yourself look taller with shoes

The things that you are going to need to learn how to make yourself look taller with shoes are:

  • The Right shoes to wear
  • Shoes with High Heels
  • Heel Insert for a Height Boost
  • Hidden Heel Shoes
  • Platform Shoes
  • Elevator Shoes
  • High Heel Sandals

8 Effective Ways on How to Make Yourself Look Taller With Shoes

Choosing the Right Shoes to Wear for you

The first step of learning how to make yourself look taller with shoes is to choose the right shoes that fit you. The first thing people will notice about you are your shoes, so picking the proper pair will help you seem taller. High heels are among the greatest shoes to wear to give the impression that you are taller.

High heels make it appear as though you are gazing down on other people, causing them to feel as though they must look up at you.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller

Always attempt to buy footwear with a heel that is at least two inches high. The size of a shoe’s heel makes it simple to determine how high the heel is while purchasing online.

You’ll see that a lot of people advise against wearing heels that are three or even four inches high, but this is simply general advice. Your own preferences should truly guide your choice of heel height.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Wear for you

To seem taller, many individuals opt for shoes with an additional platform. This is particularly true for males because many women’s shoes include platforms, allowing men to seem more powerful without needing to wear such high heels.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller

You should try on shoes with a platform before buying them if you’re planning to buy any. Although your foot will often appear longer as a result of this trait, you won’t always appear taller.

This is due to the fact that, when wearing this shoe, how far up your footrests is more important than the platform’s actual height. As a result, if at all feasible, try to select footwear with a platform whose height corresponds to the length of your own foot.

To get Instant Height Boost, Wear High Heels

Wearing high-heeled shoes is the greatest option if you’re seeking for a quick and simple technique to give the impression that you’re taller. Although wearing high heels everywhere may not be an option, this choice does give people a simple way to make oneself appear considerably taller.

Putting on high heels doesn’t involve much preparation; all you have to do is put them on and go. High heels are also the most adaptable option because you may wear them with both formal and informal apparel.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller

When wearing high heels, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all outfits will look good with them. You don’t want to appear as though you threw on these shoes in a hurry, therefore you should avoid wearing high heel shoes with anything too casual or revealing.

In addition, anything shorter can make your legs appear disproportionate when worn with high heels, so only do so with skirts and dresses that end just above the knee.

You should keep in mind that there are several varieties of high heels if you plan to wear them. The height of the heel is the primary characteristic that distinguishes each high heel, and this is true of both men’s and women’s shoes.

Wear High Heels

High heels come in a variety of styles, including pumps, wedges, and stiletto heels. When worn, each variety has a different appearance and performs differently.

You should keep a few things in mind if you plan to wear high heels. For instance, your feet will likely hurt for the first hour or so after putting on high-heeled shoes if you have never worn them before or it has been a while since you last wore them.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller

Women who intend to wear high heels should also keep in mind that they will need to get used to walking differently in these shoes than they would in regular shoes.

It could be wise to stroll around your house a few times before going outside when you’re wearing high heels for the first time.

Gentle Reminder: Anything shorter might make your legs appear disproportionate. Only pair high heels with skirts or dresses that end just above the knee. Additionally, stay away from wearing high heels with an outfit that is too casual or exposing.

It is vital to keep in mind that these shoes may be uncomfortable for the first hour or two of wear if you plan to wear them.

Adding a Heel Insert Inside your Favorite Shoes

The third thing that you can do to learn how to make yourself look taller with shoes is to add a heel insert inside a favorite shoe of yours. Has one of your favorite pairs of shoes ever not fit properly? In that case, a heel implant could be the ideal fix. A heel insert is a little object that will give the impression that your shoes are higher than they actually are.

Some people even claim to have gained several inches in height thanks to the effectiveness of these implants.

They are composed of sturdy rubber and can be customized to suit almost any shoe thanks to their tremble nature. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting a great fit because they will easily adapt to the contour of your shoes.

Adding Heels to Your Shoe

The majority of these inserts are composed of thick rubber, which gives them the durability to last for many years. Additionally, they are frequently made with a very little heel at the bottom, which will make walking around in your shoes much simpler.

Consider employing heel implants if your favorite pair of shoes don’t fit properly or if you wish to gain a few inches. These inserts can survive for many years because they are composed of sturdy materials.

Furthermore, because of their increased height and thicker soles, they make walking about in your shoes much simpler.

Opting for a Platform Shoes Whenever Possible

The type of shoes you are wearing affects how far you can walk in a single step. If you are wearing high heels, it won’t be simple to take long steps owing to their small shape.

Platform shoes, on the other hand, will make your strides longer and more comfortable.

Shoes with thick soles or platforms are made with comfort in mind. They frequently resemble standard high heels, but they include a substantial wedge-shaped platform under the ball of your foot.

Due to their larger design, it is feasible to take extended strides without feeling uncomfortable.

Platform shoes are an excellent choice if you want to be able to take long steps while wearing high heels. They look their best and allow you to walk with ease over long distances thanks to their hefty heels.

Wearing Sandals that have High Heel

If you want to look taller without donning formal shoes, high heel sandals are a great option for women. This is due to the fact that these shoes have both heels and platforms, which will add many inches to your height.

Due to their wider form, high-heeled sandals are typically more comfortable to wear than other high-heeled shoes.

Wear Sandals That Have High Heels

High-heel sandals may be an alternative if you have trouble walking in high-heeled shoes because they are made with comfort in mind. Most of them feature a broad base, which makes it simpler to balance yourself while walking.

Additionally, they include straps that span your ankles and feet to secure those regions while you wear them. This implies that compared to other types of heels, such as sneakers and flat shoes like flip flops or loafers, high-heel sandals are frequently significantly more comfortable.

Sticking to Dark Color and Not Wearing Busy Patterns

Avoid wearing complicated designs and stick to wearing dark colors. It is a good idea for you to choose shoes with a simple style if you wish to appear taller. This is due to the fact that dark colors can make you appear slimmer, but complex patterns might have the opposite effect.

It would seem contradictory for ladies to wear busy pattern shoes because they wear high heels to seem thinner. These shoes often contain an additional platform on the front or rear of each shoe, which reduces your appearance of height and makes you appear shorter.

Giving Attention to your Posture

Our posture is really important for us to stand tall. Hence, one of the most important lessons to learn how to make yourself look taller with shoes is to giving attention to your posture.

Examine your posture if you ever feel as though your high heels aren’t doing anything for you. Putting on an extra pair of shoes won’t be enough to fix this issue if you are slouching or not standing up straight.

Proper posture and standing up straight will give the appearance that you are taller. Even if it’s only a mental trick, doing this will give you a larger body and wider shoulders.

To make standing up straight with your shoulders back second nature, try to practice proper posture as much as you can.

Wearing Sneakers is a Hard No-No!

To appear taller, it is best to avoid wearing sneakers and flats. This is due to the fact that they will also make you leaner and shorter. Even if your height doesn’t make this an issue, the wider athletic shoes and trainers can make you appear bigger than you would like.

This suggests that even if you want to go for a more casual or sporty style, it might be best to avoid wearing these sorts of shoes. Instead, try wearing Mary Jane or stiletto heels since they are considerably more comfortable to walk in and are thinner.

You can put insoles inside your Shoes to make yourself a little bit taller.


Does being skinny make you look taller?

According to a 2011 study, it is said that adult height and weight status do not correlate.

However, there *are* numerous ways in which your perceived height as well as your standing height can be affected by having a higher or lower weight. Also, after puberty, “you can’t eat yourself taller” no longer holds true. Your adult height may be influenced by your food during childhood and adolescence.

(Don’t worry about it too much though; it won’t make a difference as you don’t have a time machine.)

We’ll start by emphasizing that you shouldn’t ever feel compelled to reduce your weight in order to please other people. No matter the shape, everyone has the right to embrace their body.

However, losing/gaining weight to bring your shape more in line with the BMI average for your height may assist if your height (or lack thereof) causes you anxiety and you believe that *feeling* taller would make you happy.

If losing weight is your aim, you’ll need to practice good food and exercise, which is what we’re all about. And even if it doesn’t alter how you feel about your height, making the effort could have some positive effects on your health.

Does belly fat affect height?

Height won’t rise as a result of weight loss. This is due to the fact that the body stops growing taller after you have achieved your maximum weight, making true height increase for post-pubescent people all but impossible. Making greater use of the feet and inches you currently have is the best you can hope for.

This is why losing weight won’t affect your height in any way. Only the person’s general health suffers as a result. However, if there is a greater disparity between your height and breadth, the illusion of proportions may cause you to appear taller.

If you are extremely overweight, though, you will undoubtedly see some changes in your weight and body composition after reducing a few pounds. A reduction in body fat % would be one obvious alteration, which would result in an increase in lean mass in terms of your overall body composition. This improves your general physical health, which in turn speeds up the formation of your long bones and causes you to grow taller.


By now, you must’ve understood how to make yourself look taller with shoes. All of us want to look the best and in fact, shoes can definitely complement us and our actions.

If you have any questions that you want to ask, please do feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can read other articles that we have published, all of which are related to shoes, so we hope you will love them. We wish you a great day ahead. 

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