How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels for Wearing high heels can be challenging, especially when your feet keep sliding forward inside them. This can cause discomfort, pain, and blisters. If you want to keep your feet from sliding forward in heels, here are some methods to try


How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

A frequent situation is that you locate that one pair of heels that fulfills all of your requirements: they look amazing, fit well, and provide adequate heel support. However, as soon as you start walking in them, they either rip off your feet completely or pull out far enough that the rear of the shoe scratches your heels, causing excruciating blisters.


How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

Having your feet slide out of your high heels every other step, for whatever reason, may be quite unpleasant. In this article, we are going to tell you how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels.

How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

Alternatively, your feet may slip and slide forward in your heels, requiring you to clench your toes in order to “hold” the shoe. Feet or heel slippage can occur for a variety of causes, including being hot and sweaty, wearing tights, or having thin heels.

Things We Need to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

The things that we are going to need to learn how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels are:

  • Heel Liners or Heel Grips
  • Hairspray
  • Hollywood Tape or Toupee Tape
  • Drawer Liners
  • Shoe Bumps

How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

Method 1: Using Heel Liners or Heel Grips

Heel liners or heel grips are adhesive pieces that operate like the back of heel pads for shoes and are a frequent remedy for shoes that slip off at the rear. Heel grips are especially useful when your high heels are too wide, since they cover the gap at the rear of your shoes and offer traction between your feet and the shoe, preventing them from sliding off.

Using Heel Liners or Heel Grips

For best comfort, choose ones made of gel or soft foam, such as these from Ballotter, as a rough textured heel liner can be harsh on your skin.

Method 2: Using Hairspray

Mist hairspray on your feet before stepping into your high heels for a quick and temporary repair. When the hairspray dries, it turns sticky, which helps your slick feet attach to your shoes and stop sliding forward.

Using Hairspray on Your Feet

Method 3: Using Toupee Tape

Jessica Alba, for example, swears on double-sided tape to keep her heels from slipping forward. We prefer toupee tape (used to hold wigs and hair pieces in place) or Hollywood tape since double-sided tape may be exceedingly sticky and rip the soles of your shoes.

Using Toupee Tape on Shoes

Both options keep your feet firmly attached to your heels so they don’t slip forward, but they’re quicker to remove, friendlier on your high heels, and leave no residue.

Method 4: Using Drawer Liners

You know how your grandmother buys rubber matting by the roll at the dollar store and cuts it out for her kitchen appliances so they don’t slide all over the counter? The same non-slip technique works wonders for stopping your heels from slipping forward. To get a perfect fit, cut the rubber matting into the form of your insole and trim it down from there.

How to Keep Feet From Sliding Forward in Heels

While any dollar store version would suffice, we favor the Gorilla Grip Drawer Liners, which come in mint green, lilac, and pastel pink colors. Choose the smallest version possible to avoid the lining overwhelming your feet.

Method 5: Using Shoe Bumps

Shoe bumps are a relatively new solution to the problem of feet slipping in heels. These are put under the toe joints and available in a range of materials, from foam to resin. Think of them as high-heeled speed bumps; they provide grip for your toes and traction for your foot, stopping your feet from sliding forward in your heels as you walk.


Do Heel Liners Work?

Some folks claim to work, but there aren’t many of them. Heel grips are attached to the back of the shoe and help to pack and cushion the heel. The concept is that it tightens the shoe fit and prevents Achilles rubbing. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of individuals, they simply do not prevent shoe sliding. If your shoes rub in the back, they can assist a little. They will, however, eventually unstick from the shoe, roll up into a little ball, and fall to the floor.

Where Do You Put Heel Liners?

There are two steps that you have to follow to put your heel liners. The first step is cleaning the inside. In this step, you have to wipe the inside of your shoes and make it clean. Besides this, you also have to remove the plastic backings that is on the heel liners. In the second step, you have to put your heel liner into your shoes where the heel rubbing occurs.

Then you have to firmly press the heel liner, with it being curving down. Please don’t forget to replace the heel liners after every six months, or whenever the heel liner starts to show signs of wear before that time.

What Are Heel Cups?

Heel cups are shoe inserts that are meant to provide your heels more support. They can be used as part of a corrective footwear program or to help persons who spend a lot of time on their feet in general.

Using Heel Cups

They may be found at many shoe stores, as well as drug stores, outdoor stores, and businesses that specialize in medical products. It’s a good idea to check with a podiatrist before utilizing heel cups to be sure they’re essential.

Improper support and stress absorption for the foot, particularly the heel, can worsen several foot disorders including plantar fasciitis. Using corrective footwear solutions such as heel cups, rather than changing shoes as soon as their soles wear out, allows people to address the requirement for optimal foot support without spending a lot of money on shoes.

The cups are made to cushion the whole heel, from the point where it collides with the ground to the edges and back.


High heels has been a status of confidence for ladies and in fact, ladies love wearing heels whenever they find an occasion to wear them. However, one of the most common things that they fight against when wearing heels is their feet sliding forward.

We hope these tips will help you learn how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels and stand a little higher in the shoes you love. If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends, and stay tuned for higher heel tutorials. Also, if you have any questions, then please do feel free to write them in the comment section below.

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