How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes If you’re a basketball player, having good grip on your shoes is essential for optimal performance and safety. Here are some tips on how to get better grip on basketball shoes.


How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

Grip is a critical component of every basketball shoe. Sticking to the floor helps you to run, move, and cut to your full potential no matter what surface you’re playing on. Soles deteriorate soon. They also accumulate a lot of dirt. Both of these setbacks force you to lose your footing on the court.

How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

In this article, we are going to tell you how to get better grip on basketball shoes. If you follow these steps, then I am sure that you will be able to do these things with ease. Grippy basketball shoes help you to get better grip while playing that gives you more confidence. So that you can play better than previous.

His severely limits your ability to stop and go, making it far more difficult to drive to the lane or play defense. Even marginally worn-down grip on your shoes might lead you to be one second early or late. That makes all the difference in basketball.

Things We Need to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

Without proper grip, basketball shoes can definitely cause a lot of problems and in fact, this is going to save your life and as well as your performance. There are a few natural and normal things that you are going to need to get better grip on basketball shoes. These are:

  • Wet Cloth
  • Bristle Brush
  • Traction Mat
  • New Sole Replacements

Please do keep in mind that for different ways to completing this, you are going to need different things.

How to Get Better Grip on Basketball Shoes

Sole Cleaning Method

The first method that I am going to talk about on learning how to get better grip on basketball shoes is the sole cleaning method. A dirty sole is one of the most common causes of poor grip. Rubber soles are designed to gather dirt, which collects in the grooves and causes the shoes to lose traction. As a result, keeping the sole clean is recommended. Basketball sneakers’ grip is restored with this simple modification. What is the best way to make my basketball sneakers grippy?

While on the basketball court, there are two techniques to clean the sole:

Damp Cloth

keep a wet cloth or, better yet, a towel on hand to wipe the dirt off the sole whenever you feel slick. Also, dig into the grooves to remove any dirt that has become lodged. It is not necessary to scrub vigorously; simply wiping will suffice.

Cleaning the Sole of Basketball Shoe

Bristling a Brush

A soft bristle brush should be kept in your luggage. Scrub the shoe sole as necessary to remove filth. It takes less time and effort, and it keeps the sole dry.

Using Grip Enhancing Spray or Paint

We propose applying shoe grip-enhancing spray if the shoes have lost enough stickiness and washing the sole isn’t boosting the traction. You can use performance grip basketball spray to your basketball shoe sole to get better grip.

Using Grip Enhancing Spray to Get Better Grip

To remove any remaining dust, wipe the sole with a dry towel and spray a couple of spit on it. A considerable increase in friction and enhanced grip will be noticeable.

Traction Mat Usage Method

Traction Mats are mostly available in indoor gyms and basketball courts. They serve the purpose of collecting dust and wax which the sole has grabbed from the hardwood floor. Also, it adds up a little adhesiveness to the rubber sole. As a result, the bottom of the shoe gets clean within a couple of seconds and gets grippier for some time.

Applying Traction Gel on Shoe Sole

Permanent Change Method

The final way of learning how to get better grip on basketball shoes is a permanent one. A time will come in the shoe life when cleaning the sole and applying traction gel over and over will not restore its grip. Perhaps, it’s time to consider a permanent fix – replacing the sole.

Take the shoe to a shoe cobbler and get the sole replacement done. This may not be the easiest way to make basketball shoes grippier but it is definitely cheaper than buying a new pair. New soles will definitely increase the comfort and offer grip same as the new shoes.


How Do You Increase Shoe Traction?

There are a few ways to increase the shoe traction. Improving traction and grip by adding a gritty texture to the bottom of your shoes. Apply a salt and rubber Cement combination to the bottoms of shoes for a fast fix. Simply let them dry for a few minutes after that, and you’re ready to go.

You can use basketball shoe grip gel to increase your shoe traction. Moreover, you can use Vaseline on your shoe sole that will also help your shoes to get better grip.

On rough surfaces, scuff the soles. If you’re wearing new shoes, the soles are likely to be slippery since they’re completely smooth and unworn. Because these features help them to make better contact with the floor, soles often obtain a bit more traction as they soften and minor nooks and abrasions have been worn into them. As a result, wearing your soles down may frequently significantly increase your traction.

To do so, walk about on a rough surface such as concrete (the rougher, the better), gravel rocks, boulders, and so on.

Metal grating with texture, pathways, etc.

If you’re not ashamed, try taking off your shoes and scuffing the soles with your hands on the ground.

How Do I Make My Basketball Less Sticky?

You can definitely make your basketball less sticky. Apply the leather conditioner to half of the ball and gently massage it in with a moist cloth in a circular motion. Allow 15 minutes for the conditioner to dry completely.

Does Hairspray Help Grip on Shoes?

A lot of people think that hairspray can help you grip your shoes. However, it is not true. It’s a common myth that spraying your shoes with hairspray can improve your grip. Hairspray is sticky and will improve your grip briefly. Instead, dirt and dust will build on the bottom of your shoe, diminishing traction.


Every basketball player desires the most gripping basketball shoes. Shoes, on the other hand, lose traction with time, and we work to improve the grip. If your basketball shoes are slipping, the solutions listed above can help you make them stickier and after reading this article, we are sure that you will now be able to understand how to get better grip on basketball shoes.

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