How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe If you have a hole in your skate shoe, you may be able to fix it with some simple supplies and a bit of DIY. Here’s how:


How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

None of us like to wear shoes that has hole inside them and we also don’t want to use those shoes in our everyday life. It is not always the smartest idea to buy a new pair of shoes every time you wear out your old pairs. Sometimes, it might be economical or even satisfying to do such work yourself.

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

If that’s the case, don’t worry, you have come to the right place because in this article, we are going to tell you how to fix hole in skate shoe. The procedure is not just limited to one kind of shoes, however. The procedure is more or less the same for most kinds of footwear. If you follow this, we hope that you will be able to do that with ease.

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

Things We Need to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

The process is fairly simple. The products you need are available in any general store.

Duct Tape
  • Adhesive sealant from your local hardware store
  • Insole remover
  • Duct tape
  • Spatula or any other smooth edge
  • Newspaper (to keep the shoe from not changing shape)
  • Fabric to patch

Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

Preparing: First you will need to remove any foreign materials like dust or dirt from the shoes and the holes as well. This is because when you are working on repairing it, the particles may damage the integrity of the sealant and the shoe itself. First you need shoe hole repair kit for fix hole in skate shoe.

Applying Tape

The first step in fixing a hole in a skate shoe is to apply duct tape on the opposite of the hole or separation. This will help the adhesive to find a surface to stick to as well as patch up the hole in the shoe. If it is on the insole, pull out the sole and apply duct tape over the hole

Applying Duct Tape on Shoe

Using the Adhesive

The best way to patch up the hole is to use an adhesive. Any standard sealant is applicable and will get the job done. Use enough adhesive on the hole so that it is all covered up. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of the adhesive and spread over the hole to fully cover it.


Spread the adhesive over the hole so that it is level on the surface. You can stuff a newspaper inside so that the shoe does not deform under your reconstruction work. The paper holds the structure as you are fixing the hole in your skate shoe


Now that you have applied the adhesive, it will take time for it to settle. It is important to let the mixture dry so that the adhesive can harden properly. This will ensure that the hole is properly patched. Let it dry and settle overnight. If it not given enough time to dry, the adhesive will wear off


When the adhesive dries up, remove the duct tape or electric tape you first applied. If the procedure was correct, the adhesive should be flattened out. This indicates that the adhesive has settled.

Removing Duct Tape From Shoe

If you follow these steps, you can successfully fix a hole in your skate shoe.


What Glue is Best to Repair Shoes

There are three types of glues: epoxy, painters’ glue, and adhesives. Epoxy is the most common type of glue because it doesn’t corrode or tarnish over time. However, painters’ glue is less common because it can damage the wood it is used on. adhesives are the most important type of glues because they help to keep your skate shoes in place. What these three types of glues do is that they bond Glue A becomes more severe the more important it becomes Glue B becomes more severe the more important it is.

Is Gorilla Glue Good for Shoe Repair ?

Gorilla Glue is a product that is used to repair skate shoes. It’s a gluing agent that is made of plantain and sugar. It is prepared by frying the plantain in a pan until it browns. The sugar is then added and the mixture boiled for a few minutes. This mixture is then used to repair skate shoes.

Using Gorilla Glue on Shoe

Some people say that Gorilla Glue can cause health problems like scoliosis, which is a condition in which the spine curved too much. There isn’t really enough information about this question. However, if you’re concerned about the product, you can try to avoid using it while you’re looking for a Skate Shoes mechanic or repairman.

How to You Fix a Hole on the Heel of Shoe

By wearing your favorite pair of shoes frequently, they will eventually become worn out and develop holes. Rather from needing to buy new shoes, you may use glue to fill up the holes or cover them with a patch. Patching your shoes will keep pebbles and dirt out of your shoes, allowing you to continue wearing them. It’s also less expensive and faster than purchasing new sneakers.

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

Fixing a hole on the heel of your shoe is a bit trickier. The steps are fairly like how you can fix a hole in your skate shoe. The difference being the back of the shoe is harder to keep in shape. As such, you can use any kind of bar as lumber support inside of the shoe.

With that, just apply the previous steps of using the adhesive correctly and pressing the joint so that it stays in place. This should be a decent solution to fixing a hole in your heel.If severely damage your shoes, you should consider replacing it or taking it to a shoe repair professional for repair.


All of us dream of using skateboarding and also using skate shoes, however, there comes times when the skate shoe become worn out and hence, this guide will come in handy if you follow it correctly. After this, you will also be able to fix holes in other types of shoes with similar structure too.

How to Fix Hole in Skate Shoe

If you do follow our step-by-step guide, then we are sure that you will be able to learn how to fix hole in skate shoe and also will be able to fix your friends and relatives’ skate shoe at ease as well. If you have any other questions, please do feel free to ask that in our comment section below and we hope to see you soon.

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