How can you tell if reebok shoes are fake

How can you tell if reebok shoes are fake

How can you tell if reebok shoes are fake?  It can be difficult to tell if a pair of Reebok shoes are real or fake.


How Can You Tell If Reebok Shoes Are Fake?

Fake Reebok shoes are becoming increasingly common in the market, and it is important to know how to spot them. There are a few key factors that can help you identify if a pair of shoes are genuine.


Examine the Materials

Real Reebok shoes made from high-quality materials like leather, suede, and nylon. Genuine shoes will feel smooth and sturdy, with even stitching and no mistakes. Fakes tend to be made of quickly made fabrics that feel cheap and lightweight. Additionally, the stitching on fake shoes can be sloppy or uneven.


Compare the Branding

Reebok uses certain branding techniques on their genuine shoes. Like the iconic Union Jack logo, three stripes in the back, and glossy soles. Fake shoes may say Reebok, but the branding isn’t quite the same.

The logos may be fuzzy, the colors off, or the size of the logo or patterns incorrect. Pay close attention to the details, since it is often easy to tell if the branding doesn’t look quite right.


Inspect the Box

Reebok shoes usually sold in cardboard boxes with additional shoe materials, such as laces. The size, depth, and weight of the box can help you determine if your shoes are real. If the shoe box is light or feels too thin, then the shoes are likely fake. The box should also include a patch or tag on the inside of the box with a serial number. Other details indicating the shoes are authentic.


Check the Pricing

Fake Reebok shoes usually sold for much less than the actual suggested retail price. If you find a pair of Reebok shoes that are significantly discounted. Then there is a high chance they are fakes. Authentic Reeboks usually require you to pay full price.


It is important to be aware of these key factors in order to tell if Reebok shoes are real or fake. By paying close attention to the materials, branding, box, and pricing. You can get a good idea of whether the shoes are genuine or not. Before you make any purchases. Make sure you are aware of how to spot the fakes. So you can avoid buying something that isn’t real.


How to Tell If Reebok Shoes Are Fake

With the increase of counterfeit goods entering the market. It is more important than ever to make sure that you are purchasing genuine items. Purchasing genuine Reebok shoes can ensure that you are getting the highest quality in design and performance. Whether you’re buying online or in a brick-and-mortar store. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you are getting the real deal.

It is essential to look closely at the details and materials of the shoe so that you can tell the difference between real and fake Reebok shoes. To avoid buying a counterfeit item, here are 8 tips to help you tell if Reebok shoes are real.


Check the authenticity label

When you purchase a pair of Reebok shoes, you will find a small hang tag usually on the laces of the shoe. This tag should contain an authenticity label with details such as the name of the shoe, size, color, and serial number. Genuine Reebok shoes will have this label, counterfeit shoes will not, so this is an easy way to tell the difference.


Check the country of origin

The authenticity label will also contain the country of origin. Reebok is an American company, so if the label states any other country, there’s a good chance the shoes are fake.


Examine the materials of the shoe

Genuine Reebok shoes are made with high-quality materials that will feel smooth and durable. Counterfeit Reebok shoes are often made with low-grade materials that feel stiff and may even have defects.


Consider the cost of the shoes

If you find a pair of Reebok shoes that seem too good to be true. The price is much lower than the suggested retail price, they are likely fake. Genuine Reebok shoes are usually more expensive than counterfeit products, so be wary of unusually low prices.


Examine the details of the shoe

Take a good look at the details on the shoe itself, such as the logo, stitching, and detailing. Genuine Reebok shoes have precise and symmetrical stitching, whereas fake Reebok shoes often have a sloppy stitch job. The logo should also be well-defined; if it looks blurry or off-center, it’s a sign that the shoe is counterfeit.


Check the laces

Take a good look at the laces of the shoe. The ends of genuine Reebok laces should taper and even, whereas counterfeit laces are usually shorter and thicker with an uneven tip.


Check the packaging

When checking the packaging, look for any signs of tampering. Genuine Reebok shoes will come in a sealed container, whereas fake ones will usually wrapp in plastic or in a flimsy box.


Research the retailer

Finally, be sure to research the retailer if you are buying online. Buying from an authorized Reebok dealer is the best way to guarantee that you are getting genuine Reebok shoes. Look for reviews, ratings, or notes on the website to verify that it is a legitimate retailer.

In conclusion, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you are getting authentic Reebok shoes. By examining the details and materials of the shoe, researching the retailer, and considering the cost, you’ll be able to tell the difference between real and fake Reebok shoes and make an educated purchase.


Identifying Reebok Sneakers

It’s very easy to get tricked by the fraudulent products that exist on the market today, especially when it comes to buying products online. Many individuals who are looking to find Reebok sneakers might not be aware that there are plenty of counterfeit Reebok products out there.


It’s absolutely necessary to ensure that the product that you buy is legitimate in order to guarantee the quality and performance that you would expect. Knowing the difference between a legitimate and a counterfeit product can help save you some money and help you choose wisely. In this article, we’ll show you several future and present methods on how you can tell if Reebok shoes are fake.


Check the Website You Purchased From

One of the first steps to figure out if a pair of Reeboks are fake, is to look for the website you purchased the product from. Many fake websites, either look sketchy, have a lot of spelling mistakes, or don’t have a professional domain name.


Additionally, you can look up the web address online to see if anyone else has had issues with purchasing from the website in the past. If you see many negative reviews online about the website, then it might be a fake Reebok website, and therefore the products may be fake as well.


Check the Box and Shipping Packaging

Reebok products are well-known among many sneaker enthusiasts and come in special packaging. Authentic Reeboks will usually come in simple white or red Reebox branded packaging and have a barcode printed on the box. Furthermore, the box should have a Reebok logo printed on it as well. Shipping packaging should also contain the Reebok logo, along with an order serial number and bar code.


Check the Reebok Label Inside the Sneaker

Typically, most sneakers will have a logo-stamped label inside each shoe or at least one shoe. If you look closely at the logo, you can sometimes tell whether it’s fake or not.

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Counterfeit Reebok usually have a slightly cheaper looking logo. Furthermore, take a look at the overall material inside the shoe such as the fabric and the stitching. If some materials are noticeably of lower quality, then it’ll be easy to tell that the sneakers are most likely fake.


Check the Shoes Sole

The sole of a shoe is an important factor when it comes to understanding the overall feel and performance of the shoe. Fake Reebok sneakers usually have thicker material soles. Furthermore, the sole of fake discount brand sneakers will oftentimes have a cheaper feel and durability than their authentic counterparts. The sole of a real Reebok sneaker should be more lightweight, flexible and should remain in good condition for much longer.


Check the Price

When it comes to buying products online, the price of the product is usually a good indicator of whether it’s authentic or not. If the price of the product seems too good to be true, then the product is most likely fake. Reebok products typically range from mid-priced to high-end priced sneakers, so finding a Reebok shoe below its normal price range should make you suspicious of its authenticity.


Check the Authenticity Card and the Serial Number

Most sneakers will have a card attached to them which provides authentication of the product. The card should have a unique serial number listed on each sneaker, and a hologram sticker or a logo of the brand. Genuine Reebok products should have the hologram label and a serial number, however, counterfeit products will rarely have this information attached to the product.


How can you tell if reebok shoes are fake

In conclusion, there are many methods you can identify whether Reebok sneakers are fake or not. It’s important you take your time and evaluate these factors thoroughly in order to ensure that you get the quality product you deserve. Although it’ll take a bit more time and effort, you can easily tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit products as long as you keep these points in mind.


Are there any specific features of ‘real’ Reebok shoes?

Yes, there are some features that you can look for to tell if a pair of Reebok shoes is real or fake. In general, when comparing a real pair of Reebok shoes with a fake pair, the real pair will have better materials, craftsmanship, and overall feel.


The shoes will usually have a label, such as a hologram or a serial number at the back indicating the product’s authenticity. Furthermore, you can usually verify the product on an authenticity website. Genuine Reeboks will also have more detailed elements like a logo on the tongue, heel tab, and insole.


How do I spot a fake Reebok shoe?

One way to spot a fake Reebok shoe is to examine the quality of the material. Fake Reeboks are often made with inferior quality materials that have a much lower level of durability.

Also, the overall construction of the shoes may not be as precise or even as the same as the original design. In addition, the branding elements, like the logo, usually looks different. Lastly, it should have a hologram label or a serial number at the back which can be checked on an authenticity website.


What are some giveaways that a Reebok shoe is fake?

Some giveaways that a Reebok shoe is counterfeit are poor level of material used, craftsmanship, and overall feel. The shoes will usually have a label, such as a hologram or a serial number at the back indicating the product’s authenticity, which can be checked on an authenticity website. Furthermore, very often, the logo or other branding elements like a beading at the heel tab look different from the original design.


Is there a certain price range for real Reebok shoes?

Real Reebok shoes can be found in a range of prices, depending on the style. The brand sells shoes from a variety of outlets that range from lower-end to mid and higher-end prices. Genuine Reebok shoes can typically be found in stores for around $50-150, and in select outlets, such as designer stores, for much higher prices.


What should I know before buying Reebok shoes?

Before buying a pair of Reebok shoes, make sure to examine the quality of the product and to check the details, such as the logo or labeling at the back, to make sure they match the original design. You can also verify the product on an authenticity website or research it further on review sites. Lastly, compare the price of the shoes to an equivalent product from another outlet to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.


Authentic Reebok Quality and Markings

Authentic Reebok shoes should make from high-quality materials, such as durable rubber and breathable fabric. Additionally, the shoes should have a comfortable fit and a sturdy construction.

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When examining your potential purchase, take a close look at the rubber or leather components of the shoe. The material should look rich and not look like it cheaply constructed. Make sure the stitching is even and there are no strange smells from the materials used.


Reebok Logo

The official Reebok logo should be printed or embroidered on the exterior of the shoe. Make sure the logo is well-crafted and the right size for the shoe. As counterfeiting becomes more sophisticated, check the details of the logo, such as font and positioning. Also double-check the spelling of the logo fake shoes may include a misspelled logo.



The packaging of Reebok shoes is also critical to examining the authenticity of the product. Take note of the details of the packaging, such as the type of paper. Whether it prominently features the official Reebok logo. If the text on the packaging is blurry or misspelled, it’s likely an indication of a fake product. Any Reebok shoe purchased in an individual package should also include an authenticity card or tag.


Purchasing From Recognized Retailers

Authentic Reebok shoes will usually sell by an authorized retailer so if you’re purchasing a pair of shoes online, make sure the vendor is a reputable store. If in doubt, visit the Reebok website and check their list of authorized retailers. This will help you to avoid being scammed by counterfeiters.



In general, genuine Reebok shoes should have a rather premium price so if the offered price is too good to be true, then it’s likely that the shoe is a fake. If the price is significantly lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, it’s always good to be wary.



The font on your potential purchase can give clues to whether the shoe is an original or a counterfeit. In particular, the font of the shoe’s size and product number should be consistent with the manufacturer’s design guidelines. These will come printed inside the shoe and may also find on the brand’s website.


Return and Exchange Policies

All authorized Reebok retailers should have generous return and exchange policies so if the store won’t allow for any product returns or exchanges, it’s a potential sign that the shoes could be fake. Reputable stores should also provide customer service in case you have any problems with the shoe you have bought.


The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, counterfeiters today are getting quite good at production, and they can produce very convincing knock-offs. It’s important to be aware of the details of a genuine Reebok shoe when you’re looking to purchase a pair. Pay attention to the materials, stitching, logo, packaging, retailer, price, and fonts when assessing a potential purchase. Keeping these tips in mind can help you determine if your shoes are authentic Reebok models.