How to Use Button Hooks in your Shoe (Complete Step)

How to Use Button Hooks in your Shoe? Getting dressed up for a formal event can be a tedious and laborious task. Breaking in shoes can be a painful process, but there is an easy and convenient way to make it less overwhelming. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about how to use button hooks in your shoes.


How to Use Button Hooks in your Shoe

Not only are they a great accessory to have on hand for securing your shoes, but they also make it much easier to put on and take off your shoes without the help of a second person. From selecting the right button hook to learning proper technique for securing the hook, we will provide a step-by-step guide and answers to all the frequently asked questions related to using button hooks.


What Is a Button Hook?

A button hook is a metal or plastic device. Adorned with a hook at one end and a circle at the other. The hook used to secure the eyelets of shoes, while the circle used as a handle. Button hooks initially used in the 19th century to make it easier to button up clothing. These originally made with whalebone handles and steel hook bases. Today, most button hooks made of plastic. Since they are far more affordable than the metal or whalebone ones used in the past.


Why Should I Use a Button Hook in My Shoes?

Button hooks are the perfect accessory to help make your shoe experience less of a chore. Shoes can become difficult to put on or take off due to their tight lacing, and button hooks make the process much easier. They can also make it possible to put on shoes quickly if you need to make a hasty exit or need to catch up with someone who’s already left. Without button hooks, you can spend several minutes fiddling around trying to get your shoes on, making the process much more tedious.


How Do I Choose the Right Button Hook?

When selecting a button hook, you should consider the type of shoe you are wearing. The size of the hook needs to be taken into account as well. If you’re wearing boots or a heeled shoe, the hook should be slightly larger than normal. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a button hook for aflat shoe, a smaller hook should do the trick. It’s also important to look for one with a comfortable handle and one that is made with a durable material.


How Do I Use a Button Hook?

Using a button hook is actually quite easy, but it is important to follow the appropriate steps. First, place the hook into the first eyelet on the bottom row of the shoe and pull the lace taut. Then, insert the hook into the second eyelet on the bottom row and pull the lace tight once again. Continue this process all the way up until all the eyelets are secure.


What Are Some Tips for Proper Button Hook Usage?

There are a few tips to keep in mind when using a button hook. First, it is important to make sure the hook secured properly in order to prevent the shoe from slipping off your foot. It is also important to ensure that the laces pulled taut each time you insert the hook in order to secure the shoe properly.

Additionally, be mindful of the force you use when inserting the hook. Forceful insertion may cause the hook to bend or warp, making it unusable. And finally, replace the hook regularly to ensure its maximum efficiency and longevity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are button hooks typically made of?

Button hooks may made out of metal, plastic or whalebone. The most popular button hooks typically made out of plastic, as they are more affordable and still provide a secure hold on the shoe.


How long do button hooks usually last?

The longevity of button hooks greatly depends on the materials they made with and how often they are used. A metal or whalebone hook may last a few years, while a plastic hook may not last more than a year.


What should I do if my button hook bends or warps?

If your button hook bends or warps, it means that it lacks the structural integrity to securely hold onto your shoe. In this case, it is important to replace the hook so that you can continue to securely tie your shoes.


Are button hooks necessary?

Button hooks are not necessary, but they can provide a great convenience when putting on shoes. They are especially helpful for those with reduced mobility or dexterity. As it makes the process of tying shoelaces much easier.


Can I use a button hook on other types of shoes?

Yes, button hooks can be used on other types of shoes such as loafers, slip-ons and Converse. The key is to choose the right size hook for the shoe for example larger hooks for boots and smaller hooks for flats.


Is it possible to make my own button hook?

Yes, it is possible to make your own button hook. All you need is a sturdy piece of metal or plastic, a pair of pliers and some glue. There are various tutorials on the internet that will walk you through the process step-by-step.



Button hooks are the perfect accessory for those who need a quick fix for securing their shoes. From selecting the right size hook to following the proper steps for usage, it is important to be mindful when using a button hook. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to save time and energy when putting on your shoes in no time.