Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather

Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather. Italian Calf Leather is a timeless classic in the making of men’s shoes. At Making Adelaide, we understand that quality, durability, and comfort are all important factors when you’re looking for the perfect pair of Oxford shoes. That’s why we craft each pair with passion and using only the finest Italian leather and materials.


Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes

Every one of our shoes is carefully designed and crafted by our dedicated and experienced artisans. We utilize the traditional Goodyear welted construction method to ensure that your shoes remain in pristine condition for years to come. The superior quality of Italian Calf Leather creates shoes that are both stylish and incredibly comfortable.


For a pair of Oxford shoes you’ll be proud to wear, try Making Adelaide’s handcrafted Italian Calf Leather Oxfords. Our commitment to comfort and style mean that you can look and feel your best with shoes made with care and attention to the finest details.


Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather

Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather represent a cut above the rest in terms of comfort, durability, and style. The full-grain Italian Calf Leather upper and full leather lining are both breathable and wear-resistant, ensuring that Adelaide Oxford Shoes will be your go-to for the long-term.


Superior Support and Flexibility

The cushioned Poron and Vibram Technology outsole provide superior support and flexibility to keep feet comfortable all day long. Vibram Technology helps you to keep up with the toughest of activities with its slip-resistant design and superior durability. This type of outsole is also highly flexible, so you can navigate the city or wherever your travels take you with ease.


Fashionable and Scent-free Design

The classic Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather provide a fashionable look with timeless design. The timeless shape works with a variety of outfits and can easily transition from day to night. Plus, the revolutionary Silver Ion technology ensures that these oxfords are always odor-free.


A Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

The Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather are the product of a commitment to quality craftsmanship. The full-grain Italian Calf Leather upper is carefully constructed by hand and built to last with reinforced rubber sole and textured outsole for superior grip.


Analytical Perfection

Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather are proud to guarantee that each pair is crafted with the precision of a true artisan. The superior standards of craftsmanship is what sets these oxfords apart from the rest. Every detail is carefully considered, from overlapping five leather eyelets for increased breathability to the 360° leather welt with five flexible stitches for extra flexibility.



Italian calf leather is not known for its durability and robustness like full-grain leather is. Its distance to the outer surface of the hide makes it less strong than top grain leather, which means it is more vulnerable to scratches and cuts and is less water-resistant. Full-grain leather covers every part of the hide, making it highly sought after in manufacturing due to its toughness and its abrasion- and tear-resistant qualities. Italian calf leather may be unable to resist the same treatment as its full-grain counterpart, which may require frequent maintenance.



When exposed to light, Italian calf leather has a tendency to become dull and lose its shine. As a result, the material is not as visually appealing or attractive as its full-grain leather counterpart. The pearlescent finish and natural shine of full-grain leather is highly sought after and adds value and elegance to any product, while Italian calf leather may require additional treatments over time and may fade to a duller colour more easily than full-grain leather.



Italian calf leather is not as breathable as full-grain leather is and can be uncomfortable in extreme temperatures. In hot and humid climates. Italian calf leather can quickly become uncomfortable as the material has a tendency to retain sweat and moisture. Full-grain leather is thick and robust and retains its temperature better. Meaning it is more breathable and comfortable in a wider range of temperatures.



Italian calf leather is generally cheaper than full-grain leather. Meaning that many consumers may find it an attractive alternative to the more expensive option. Despite this, full-grain leather is more long-lasting, harder wearing and is more resistant to a wide range of conditions. Its superior strength and durability may ultimately outweigh the cost of full-grain leather. Meaning it may be the more valuable and economical option in the long-term.


Environmental Concerns

The production of Italian calf leather can be harmful to the environment and animal welfare. In order to produce the leather from the hides, chemicals are used in the tanning process which can be released into rivers and streams, polluting the local environment. Transporting large quantities of hides can also be costly from an environmental point of view, with emissions created by vehicles. By contrast, full-grain leather uses fewer chemicals and is less likely to cause pollution when tanning hides.


What is Italian Calf Leather?

Italian Calf Leather is a type of leather made using skins of a young calf. It is generally thicker and more durable than other leathers, but still supple and suitable for upholstery and clothing. It’s also quite expensive given the quality, and is seen very frequently in luxury items. It is also one of the most popular leathers used to make Italian shoes, particularly in high-end Oxford shoe styles.


What is the difference between Italian Calf Leather and other types of leather?

The main difference between Italian calf leather and other types of leather is that it is made from calf skins that have been less processed than other types of leathers. As a result, the skin is thick and more durable unlike some leathers that are soft and supple. Italian calf leather also contains natural oils that are beneficial to the leather, helping to protect it from cracking over time. Moreover, Italian calf leather is particularly suitable for making high-end shoes, providing the necessary comfort, support and style needed.


What are the main advantages of wearing Oxford Shoes made from Italian Calf Leather?

Oxford shoes made from Italian calf leather are a great option for those who want durability, style and comfort, as Italian calf leather is thick and strong while also being supple and comfortable. The natural oils found in the leather help to keep the leather from drying out and cracking over time.

What are the main advantages of wearing Oxford Shoes made from Italian Calf Leather

Moreover, these shoes offer a luxurious style that can be worn to create a number of looks, from smart and formal to casual and modern. Finally, they require minimal care and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time and money on your shoes.


What’s the process of Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian Calf Leather?

Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian Calf Leather requires a number of steps. First, the calf skin is prepared and cut to size according to the pattern of the shoe. Then, the uppers of the shoe are stitched together and the insole is added. The leather lining is then added to the uppers before the sole is applied. An additional leather sole is then added to the upper, before being painted and polished. Finally, the shoes are inspected and fitted with insoles and laces. The entire process can take up to several days, depending on the level of detail and complexity of the shoe.


What are the types of Italian Calf Leather used to make Australian Adelaide Oxford Shoes?

Italian calf leather is used to make Australian Adelaide Oxford Shoes in a variety of different types. These include full grain leather. Which is the highest quality leather available and is used for all areas of the shoe, suede leather. Which is known for its soft texture and is used on the upper of the shoe, and nubuck leather, which is created by buffing the hide to create a velvety-like finish. There are also a variety of dyes and finishes available that can be used to customise the look of the shoe.


How to Care for Adelaide Oxford Shoes made from Italian Calf Leather?

Adelaide Oxford Shoes made from Italian Calf Leather require minimal care and maintenance. To clean the leather of these shoes, a damp cloth may be used. The leather should then be dried out with a dry cloth and conditioner may be applied. It is important to use a leather conditioner specifically formulated for Italian Calf Leather, such as saddle soap, to ensure optimal protection for the leather. Leather shoes should be stored in a well-ventilated area to prevent mold or mildew. Additionally, it is important to keep shoes dry, so they should be kept away from direct sources of heat and moisture.

What is the time frame to make Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian Calf Leather?

The time frame for making Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian Calf Leather depends on the level of detail and complexity of the shoe. Generally, the entire process can take up to several days, with the initial preparation of the calf skin and cutting to size taking the most amount of time. Stitching the uppers, lining the upper section and applying the sole then follow. The next steps include adding the leather sole, painting and polishing, followed by the final inspection and fitting of the insoles and laces.

Are Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian Calf Leather Waterproof?

Adelaide Oxford Shoes from Italian calf leather are not waterproof. However, they may provide some degree of water resistance depending

What Are Adelaide Oxford Shoes?

Adelaide Oxford shoes are a style of shoes made from fine Italian calf leather and usually crafted into a narrow, sleek design. These shoes typically feature a pointed toe, five eyelets, and a low heel. While the specific design is important, the leather they’re crafted from makes them truly remarkable. Italian calf leather is known for its durability, softness, and look that only improves with age.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Obtaining the perfect pair of Adelaide Oxfords requires selecting the right type of Italian calf leather. Leathers range from lightweight to heavyweight, and can create the desired level of comfort for each person. Some consider buying shoe trees to further prolong the life of the shoe, as it helps the leather keep its shape. The leather needs to be cared for, by periodically using a leather balm, protector, and conditioner.

The Construction Process

Adelaide Oxford shoes are more than just the materials used to construct them; the craftsmanship and attention to detail must match the quality of the leather. Each shoe is cut, punched, and stitched carefully to make the shoe as beautiful as possible. The insole is performed using cork lasting, where layers of cork are added to the bottom of the shoe to provide adequate cushion. By adding this step, the shoes increase in structural stability.

The Design Process

The design process of Adelaide Oxford shoes is incredibly important. It is here that any custom alterations are made such as the width, length, and cut of the ankle and vamp. These may be necessary to provide a greater level of comfort as well as style. Additionally, the last must fit the shape of the wearer’s foot to complete the construction process.

In The Bottom Line

Adelaide Oxford shoes crafted from Italian calf leather are a beautiful combination of construction and design. Careful consideration must be taken when selecting the right leather and crafting the shoe. When all pieces are combined, a tailor-made pair of Adelaide Oxfords that is both stylish and comfortable are created. Making Adelaide Oxford Shoes in Italian Calf Leather is truly a work of art that will last for many years.