How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe for Putting a sixpence in your shoe is an old tradition that is said to bring good luck to the wearer. Here’s how to do it


How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

Most of us want to have a happy and a traditional wedding that follows the culture of our heritage and we are also able to see this day as a beautiful memory. Hence, one such tradition comes from the phrase. Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue. & a Sixpence in her Shoe.


Sixpence in your shoe

We are going to talk about how to put a sixpence in your shoe and also learn the tricks and tips that you should learn and apply them to your or your close one’s wedding. Most of the time, the father of the bride would put a sixpence into her daughter’s shoe before she starts walking down the aisle and this is seen as a good luck charm.

Things You Need to Put a Sixpence in Her Shoe

The things that we are going to need to put a sixpence in her shoes are:

  • A sixpence (Better if that is an original British one)
  • A sew
  • A piece of cloth (With similar color of the shoe)
  • Wedding shoes
  • Some foam padding on the left wedding shoe

How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that the sixpence should be placed in the left shoe for good luck, while others believe that it should be placed in the right shoe. There are also a number of different ways to put the sixpence in your shoe. Some people fold it up and put it inside, while others tape it to the outside of their shoe. Now, we are going to talk about how to put a sixpence in your shoe.

How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

There are many ways to go about marketing your business. Some are more traditional, like advertising or networking, while others are a little more creative, like putting a sixpence in your shoe. Here are a few tips on how to successfully market your business with this fun and quirky method.

  • Be sure to put the sixpence in a highly visible place. Make sure it’s easy for people to see when they walk past you.
  • Smile and be friendly. People are more likely to stop and talk to you if you appear to be enjoying yourself.
  • After that, you now have to cut the side of the left shoe and then put the sixpence in there.
Now You Have to Cut the Side of the
  • Once that has been done, then you have to use the sew and then make sure that the cut has been properly sealed. Please do keep in mind that whenever you are doing this, it is better to keep some foam padding and then put the thing inside because if you don’t do that, there is a possibility that the sixpence might hurt the leg when you are wearing that.

How to Put a Sixpence in Your Shoe

  • In the last step on how to put a sixpence in your shoe, you now have to make sure that the surface of the shoe is clean and it is comfortable to wear that. This is mostly done because you wouldn’t want to make it harder for the bride to walk in her wedding day, would you!
  • After you have completed the steps that has been listed above, you still might want to keep an eye on the leg when walking as this will give you the ultimate nod that the work has been done flawlessly and you will be able to enjoy the wedding without any more worries.
Put The Sixpence On Your Shoe


Who Gives the Bride Sixpence?

Traditionally, the bride’s family would give her sixpence on her wedding day. This was a way to wish her good luck and prosperity in her new life. Nowadays, the amount and significance of the gift may vary depending on the couple’s relationship to one another, but it is still customary to give something to the bride on her wedding day.

It might be a sentimental trinket or a check to help cover some of the costs associated with getting married. Whatever it is, it’s a nice gesture to help her feel supported and loved on her special day.

Hence, most of the time, it is the family of the bride, especially, the father of the bride who gives the sixpence in her daughter’s shoes.

Is a Sixpence Lucky?

The short answer is that yes, the sixpence is indeed deemed as a lucky thing. In this sense, the definition of luck can be very subjective. Many people associate luck with how fortunate they feel at any given moment in time. It is often said that if you want to be lucky, then you should surround yourself with lucky things and places and people who are deemed to bring good fortune. This can include coins such as sixpences or pennies.

It has been a big tradition for the father to give sixpence to his daughter so that it can contribute to the wealth and well-being of the family.

What is a Penny Wedding?

In a direct and short term, a penny wedding is a type of wedding that has been paid for by the money that has been collected from the guests. This type of wedding is mostly seen in Scotland.

A Picture Of Penny Wedding

The guests who come to this wedding gives the money to the bride and the groom so that they can make this function and also work on the wedding.


Silver sixpences are considered lucky for the bride. As this is a nod to the upcoming good wealth and prosperity of the bride. We talked about a bit of the history behind the origin of sixpence in the bride’s shoe. Gave you an idea on how to put a sixpence in your shoe. If you followed our article well, then we are sure that. You will be able to learn and apply them during your special day.

If you have any question regarding this, then you can definitely ask us about that in our comment section below. You can also read our previous article where we talked about everything from shoes. To DIY projects and tradition on shoes. We wish you a great day.

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