How To Identify Original New Balance Shoes? (Proven 9 Step)

How To Identify Original New Balance Shoes? Having trouble identifying the original New Balance shoes? Identifying the original New Balance shoes can be a challenging task as counterfeiters try to look as close to the original product as possible.


How To Identify Original New Balance Shoes

But there are a few signs and characteristics to look out for to make sure you are investing in authentic, original New Balance shoes! Here we’ll describe 9 steps that you can take to make sure the pair of New Balance shoes in front of you is the real deal.


Check The Outsole and Its Materials

The first step to make sure you’ve purchased an original pair of New Balance shoes is to check out the outsole and its materials. The outsole is the bottom part of your shoes that touches the ground. It is usually made out of rubber materials that are resistant to wear and tear which New Balance is known for.

Pay attention to the materials in the outsole. Authentic New Balance shoes are usually made with blown rubber and EVA materials. Composite rubber is sometimes used, but not always. If the rubber used to make the outsole is made with 100% EVA, that means you should be suspicious a more likely scenario is that it’s a knock-off.


Inspect The Colorway

Another way to identify original New Balance shoes is to inspect the colorway. Look for the correct materials sourcing for the upper material. Generally, the upper material should be either mesh or leather. Also take notice of the colors used on the upper – are they muted or bright?


Authentic New Balance shoes usually employ a muted monochromatic color palette, which provides the perfect backdrop for their iconic “N” logo. Knock-off New Balance shoes may have more vibrant and varied colors, as well as flashy material sourcing. Such as having a mix of leather and mesh on the upper.


Look At The Logo

The next step is to take a closer look at the logo. The logo is a standout feature of original New Balance shoes. The logo, positioned on the side panel of the shoes, will be a combination of the lowercase n and the number 574. The letter and the number will connect and they will be in complementary colors.

If you’re looking at the logo and it is not connect, if the colors don’t match, or if the font is off in any way then that’s a sure sign that the shoes are not authentic. The logo will be bright and bold, not faded or dull.


Check The Shape And The Fit

The fit of your shoes should be snug but comfortable. If your shoes feel too small or too big that’s a clear indication that they are not original New Balance shoes. Genuine New Balance shoes designed with comfort and stability in mind, so you should feel both in the fit and the shape of the shoes.

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The shape of the shoes is also important to check. Authentic New Balance shoes will have rounded toe boxes and will be tapered slightly towards the toe. The shape of the shoes should be comfortable and follow the shape of your foot. If the shape is off, then it is likely the shoes are not authentic.


Check The Shoe Tread

The next step is to check the shoe tread. Most original New Balance shoes will have a distinct chevron pattern (Δ) on the sole of the shoes. This is what provides the traction and grip during your runs. If your shoes do not have this pattern, then they are likely not authentic New Balance shoes.


 Inspect The Stitching

The stitching is another key area to inspect when attempting to identify original New Balance shoes. The stitching should be neat and precise.


The stitches should look uniform throughout the shoe. If the stitches look sloppy or too far apart, then this is a sure sign that the shoes are not original.


Check The Sizing Information

New Balance shoes always provide accurate sizing information. The box that the shoes come in should include a chart with the sizing for men, women, and kids. Check the sizing information to make sure it matches the size of the shoes you are looking at.


Look At The Price

The price of the shoes is a good indication of whether or not they are original. If the price is too good to be true, then it most likely is.

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New Balance shoes known for being high-quality and durable. It’s unlikely that you will be able to find them for a bargain price.


Compare With Other Shoes

Finally, compare the shoes you are looking at with other pairs of New Balance shoes. Look at reviews and compare the differences in styling, materials, and features. Make sure that the shoes you are looking at match up with other shoes in the line.



Identifying original New Balance shoes can be tricky, but with these 9 steps you’ll be able to do it with ease. Take note of the outsoles, the colorway, the logos, the fit, the tread, the stitching, the sizing information, the price, and compare with other New Balance shoes and you’ll be sure to make the right decision when looking for genuine New Balance shoes.