How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe

How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe Air bubbles in shoes are a common problem that can be uncomfortable and can cause blisters or other foot injuries. If you have an air bubble in your shoe, here are some steps you can take to get rid of it


How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe

There are a lot of times when you will face a situation that after you wear a shoe that you have been wanting to wear to your office, you will see that it has developed an air bubble inside, which is one of the causes of the squeak that you hear whenever you start walking.

How to get rid of an air bubble in your shoe

This is really embarrassing, right? Don’t worry because in this article, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of an air bubble in your shoes. We have tried a lot of different ways How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe that can help us solve this problem. However, whatever we did, the solution wasn’t permanent and we had to keep experimenting on this.

How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe

Step Number 1

The things that you are going to need for this experiment. Two of the main important things that you are going to need is a needle and also a syringe. These two tools are going to be the main force that is going to force the air bubble out of your shoes. In this experiment, I used a set from a refill kit that was lying around in my house.

You Are Going to Need Is a Needle and Also a Syringe Besides this, you are also going to need a pair of pliers and also a finishing nail. Please keep in mind that these things are necessary to pre-punch a hole which is going to help get rid of the squeakiness of the shoe.

How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe

This is mainly done in the sole of the shoe because this is going to directly work on the air bubble. Please do also keep in mind that we need to pre-punch it at first or the needle is going to get damaged. We tried to go to the finale of the experiment without pre-punching and as a result, it damaged our needle and the work became even harder.

During the process, I used oil that is lightweight, and later on, found out that WD-40 is also a great thing because people have been using it. People also use duct tapes for some reason How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe and since a lot of people have been using this, I think that this can also come in handy.

You Are Going to Need a Needle and a Syringe

Step Number 2

Start your Work and Fix the Problem In this step, the first thing that you need to do that how to get rid of an air bubble in your shoe is to keep walking with it. This is because as you keep walking with it, you will be able to locate the exact spot of the squeaking and the place where you have to start your operation! Once you have found out the exact spot of the place, that’s the point where you have to put the oil in so that the problem has been solved.

After you have located the exact spot, you now have to use the pliers and then push the nail that you have gotten into the sole of the shoe. One hack in this method is that you should push the nail at an angle, this is going to give you more room for error.

This is because if you push the nail in a straight line, then if you push the nail a bit further, it might get through the whole sole by mistake. If I did that, I would put the entry hole in the grove of the sole How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe. The entry hole ruins the integrity of the shoe most of the time, as a result, I am trying to create as little damage as possible.

Step Number 3

Replacing the Nail with the Needle that You Have By using a felt tip marker, we need to put a dot on the place where the nail enters the sole, after that, we need to use the pliers to pull out the nail. Once the nail has been out, we need to work on the needle and put it gently into the hole of the sole. It is not that easy and requires a bit of patience, so get ready for that!

Step Number 4

Finalizing the Work and Putting Oil inside the air Bubble In this final step, we have to put several drops of oil in to the syringe and then push it inside the air bubble gap. This is going to get rid of an air bubble in the shoe because the oil is going to fill up the air pocket and this will also get rid of the squeaking.

We have to Put Several Drops of Oil

We Have to Put Several Drops of Oil in to the Syringe and Then Push It Inside the Air Bubble Gap Do keep in mind that the shoes require around ten to twelve minutes of walking before the squeaking completely goes away. This walking is necessary because it takes that time for the oil to completely fill up the gap. Also, don’t forget to take out the needle before walking!

Bonus Method

To do this, you are going to need a manual air pump, clear mix epoxy, a little stick or perhaps a q-tip, and maybe some lucks are all you’ll need.

You must first detect the leak… Dunk the sneaker in a tub of water and give it a swift squeeze. Hopefully, it’s on the bottom or outside of the shoe’s sole; if it’s within, you’ll have to peel out the shoe’s inner.

Find the leak, obtain an air pump like you’d use to inflate a basketball or soccer ball, and attempt to use the existing hole if it’s little; if it’s larger, move on to plan B. Simply inflate the shoe a little, pressing out the airbag within. Seal the hole with the epoxy. If feasible, put some on the tip of the pump to get some into the hole as well.

How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe

I’d drag a bit to one side and spread as much of it into the “wound” as possible. (Use alcohol and a disposable cloth to wipe the needle as soon as possible). Apply a dab of epoxy to the hole and seal it shut. Allow it to dry before repeating the process to ensure a sturdy layer covers the hole/split. Now comes Plan B.

If the hole is too big to close with a modest amount of epoxy, work the epoxy outwards. Because most of it will be squandered, make tiny amounts at a time. If feasible How to Get Rid of an Air Bubble in Your Shoe, create a seal on both sides until you reach a little point of access.

If the shoe is leaking from somewhere else, try pumping some air into it. Otherwise, close the final little hole and let it cure overnight. Finally, don’t forget to keep your shoes dunking to find out if you have any more holes.


All of us need shoes and squeaking while walking is a bad thing that is going to annoy a lot of people. However, if you follow our article, we are sure that you are going to learn how to get rid of an air bubble in your shoe and stop the squeaking sound. If you have any questions, please do give us your opinion in the comment section below.

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