How to Clean Non Removable Insoles

How to Clean Non Removable Insoles for Non-removable insoles are a common feature of many types of shoes, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, and boots. These insoles can become dirty and smelly over time, especially if they are not properly cleaned. Here are some steps to follow for cleaning non-removable insoles



Insoles that are non-removable can’t be taken out of the shoe. They’re designed to give more cushioning and support for the foot when walking on rough terrain. Non-removable insoles are commonly seen in low-cost shoes, such as dress shoes or high-arch running shoes.

How to Clean Non Removable Insoles

The disadvantage is that these insoles are more difficult to clean, especially when wet! In this post, we’ll tell you how to clean non removable insoles effectively and in steps so that they stay fresh and new for longer!

Things We Need to Clean Non Removable Insoles

The things that we are going to need to learn how to clean non-removable insoles are:

  • Dish Soap
  • Old Toothbrush that has small bristles
  • Clean Water
  • Bowl
  • Clean, dry microfiber clothes
  • Normal Toothbrush or scrubbing brush

How to Clean Non Removable Insoles

There are a few methods that you can follow to clean non removable insoles. They are:

Baking Soda Paste Method

To make a thick paste, combine one tablespoon baking soda with two teaspoons water. Apply this to the insole of your shoe where filth has gathered, wait 30 minutes, then wipe away any residue with warm water and a lint-free cloth or rag. Repeat as necessary until you are confident that the shoes have been properly cleaned.

Applying Baking Soda Paste on Shoe Sole

Light Scrubbing with Soap Method

In the second method on how to clean non removable insoles, you first have to use an old toothbrush that has soft bristles and you have to scrub it lightly on the surface of the insole. You can definitely add dish soaps or even detergent that is liquid. After this step, rinse it off and as usual, let it dry before you start wearing it again.

Charcoal Using Method

The insole of your shoe may be cleaned with charcoal. It’s commonly used to get rid of odors in shoes. It’s made by filling a sock with charcoal and tying it at the top. Place in shoe for at least 12 hours to absorb odor.

Dryer Sheets Method

We use dryer sheets because they smell like freshly laundered clothes. For this to work, you have to put a dryer sheet at the end of your shoe and let it do its job of deodorizing your shoes for weeks! Sweat and germs are absorbed.

Handheld Steamer Method

Cleaning clothing using a portable steamer is common. For under $30, you can get a portable steamer that will make your work much easier and faster. You will be able to wear clean shoes in a very short time.

Cleaning after every Outing Method

This will be a no-brainer for a lot of people; however, you have to understand that it’s vital to remember that these non-removable insoles must be cleaned after each time they emerge from inside the shoe; avoid this by using one of the ways listed above on a frequent basis!

Washing the Insole

Drying after Using Method

After you’ve dried yourself, take your first few steps outside for good measure. This will aid with the removal of any dirt that may have lingered on them after being moistened inside with water.

Drying the Insoles

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Method

This is a useful tool for cleaning non-removable insoles and removing debris from inside shoes. It won’t take more than five minutes, and you’ll be able to utilize a vacuum cleaner attachment — generally the brush head.

Using Stain Removers for Non-removable Insoles

To make non-removable insoles appear fresh again, try several stain removal treatments.

Precautions While Cleaning Non Removable Insoles

Even though the processes are really easy and fun thing to do, you still have to follow a few instructions that can help you keep your and your family healthy. These are:

  • Please don’t forget to wear a mask or go outside whenever you are using harmful chemicals that might damage your or your family members
  • Don’t forget to place the shoe in direct sunlight outside so that the shoe will get proper air and heat to dry faster and naturally
  • Don’t put your shoes in a washing machine if they are made of leather because this process will destroy your shoes
  • Use a disinfectant spray bottle near you when you are cleaning it for the first time and don’t forget to spray a bit on all the sides of the shoes, including inside, so that you can remain safe from germs
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves whenever you are doing something like this
  • If the shoe that you are going to clean are made of rubber or canvas, the best way to clean them is to use soaps. This is mostly because these shoes won’t have bad reaction like leather shoes.


How Do You Clean and Deodorize Insoles?

You can clean and deodorize the insoles of your shoes in a lot of different methods. One of the most popular is also a homemade method, so you can do this with ease. Soak the insoles for a few hours in a combination of 2 portions vinegar and 1 portion hot water. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that can help eliminate bacteria in your shoes.

Put Vinegar Spray Inside of Your Shoe to kill Bacteria

Baking soda can be used to kill bacteria and neutralize odors. In a big plastic bag, place one to two tablespoons of baking soda. After that, put the insoles in the bag and shake it. Make sure the baking soda is evenly distributed throughout the insoles. Allow the insoles to air dry overnight in the bag. Remove them from the bag and wipe any residual baking soda from the insoles with a clean towel.

Can You Wash and Dry Insoles?

You can definitely wash and dry insoles, however, when it comes to all types of insoles, it mostly depends on the types of insoles that you are wearing. If you see that your insole can come out of your shoes, you can wash them in a delicate laundry bag and then wash them on a delicate cycle.

How Do You Disinfect the Inside of Shoes?

To remove infectious illnesses from unclean or secondhand shoes, use disinfectant spray, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or bleach. Follow the advice on the label or leave the shoes wet with the product for at least five minutes. Allow your shoes to fully dry before putting them on.

You can also do that using water and soap or a detergent. Wipe down or gently scrub with an old toothbrush or nylon brush using warm water and light soap or detergent; do not saturate with water. Allow to air dry overnight. It’s a good idea to take your insoles out of your shoes each night so that each side can dry.


Because you have less access inside non-removable insoles than detachable shoes, cleaning them is more difficult. So, how do you clean insoles that aren’t removable? If your shoe is composed of rubber or canvas materials, we recommend cleaning it with a vacuum attachment or soap! Other points can also be followed. So, there you go.

Now you know how to clean non removable insoles and also know what not to do while doing the procedures. If you liked our article, then please do take a look at our previous writings because we are shoe enthusiasts just like you! We hope to see you soon and do take care of yourself.

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