How to Tell If Your Burberry Shoe Are Fake

How to Tell If Your Burberry Shoe Are Fake key factor to consider is the logo. Stitching should be tight and even and should form clear lettering that is easy to make out.

Understand Burberry Quality Standards

When it comes to spotting fake Burberry shoes, understanding Burberry’s quality standards for their shoes is key. Burberry shoes are designed with high-quality materials that last for years. The leather used for Burberry shoes is supple and durable, and all materials should be soft to the touch. The stitching should be precise, with no stray or loose threads. The logo badge should be real silver metal instead of plastic, and the soles should mould to the shape of individual feet.

Compare Materials and Construction

Learning to recognize the differences between real and fake Burberry shoes requires comparing the materials and construction. Quality materials should always be a priority when investing in any type of clothing or footwear. Real Burberry shoes feature top-notch leather and durable, comfortable soles. Examine the exterior material and the inner lining to make sure the quality of stitching is consistent and of a high standard.

Check the Logo

When compared side by side, the logo on the Burberry shoe should appear flawless. The font should be consistent, with none of the letters overlapping each other. In addition, the logo should be raised from the leather and should include a tiny metal piece surrounded by a plastic bumper. All the edges of the logo should be crisp and precise.

Authenticate Your Burberry Shoes

The best way to ensure that your Burberry shoes are authentic is by getting them authenticated through Burberry. The company offers an authentication service that verifies the authenticity and condition of the product. If you suspect that a pair of Burberry shoes is counterfeit, having them expertly authenticated by Burberry is the best way to confirm the suspicions.

Be Aware of Obvious Signs

Fake Burberry shoes often come with certain signs that give them away in just moments. Poor build quality, inconsistent stitching, an incorrect font on the logo, and an overall feel of cheapness are all signs the shoes may be fake. It should always be easy to identify real Burberry shoes, so if anything looks off, it is likely not authentic.

Know Where to Buy from Reputable Sources

The best way to avoid buying fake Burberry shoes is to purchase them from reputable sources. Buying directly from Burberry’s website or physical stores, and buying from certified Burberry retailers is the best way to make sure that the shoes are authentic. Whenever buying Burberry shoes, always double check the source and confirm that it is an authorized Burberry retailer.


How to Tell If Your Burberry Shoe Are Fake

Authenticity is an important part of the luxury fashion world. Burberry, the iconic British fashion house, is no exception. As the company’s iconic plaid pattern is instantly recognizable, counterfeiters often attempt to pass off their products as genuine Burberry items. If you’ve recently purchased Burberry shoes and are uncertain of their authenticity, here a few tips to help you distinguish between a real pair and a fake.

Know What You’re Buying

The first step in distinguishing between a genuine and a fake Burberry shoe is knowing exactly what you’re buying. Check whether the shoe is a Burberry Prorsum, London, or Brit shoe. Make note of details, such as the leather quality and check the plaid designs.[[1]]

Check the Packaging

When buying a genuine pair of Burberry shoes, you should receive them in a beige Burberry-branded box. It should also have a satin bow tied on the box. On the box should have the Burberry name printed, and it should not contain any typos. Inside the box, you should expect to find a Burberry card containing manufactured information about the shoe.

Verify the Logo

The Burberry logo is an important part of any authentic Burberry shoe. There are several points to check to ensure the quality of the logo. First, check that the logo is firmly attached to the shoe. It should not move or shift when pressure is applied. Additionally, check if there is a three-dimensional effect – the logo should show depth and dimension. The lettering should have high-quality shape, and it should not be too thick or too thin.

Evaluate the Materials

Genuine Burberry shoes will use high-grade leather in their designs. If you’re looking at a pair of Burberry sandals, pay close attention to the straps and footbed of the shoe. Genuine sandals are generally made of thick calfskin leather and the footbed should have a quilted pattern. Meanwhile, Burberry loafers should be made of natural suede. It will be smooth to the touch and will not flake or peel. For Burberry sneakers, make sure the canvas is thick but flexible.

Examine the Sole

The sole is the most important part of any shoe, as it contains the most details. On a genuine pair of Burberry shoes, the sole should be made of rubber and should contain the trademark Burberry plaid pattern. The pattern should be the same as the one featured on the outside of the shoe. Additionally, at the back of the sole, you should see the “Burberry London” logo.

Scan the Inside of the Shoe

Check the inside of the shoe for small details that could only be found on an authentic pair. For example, the Burberry “Made in Italy” label should feature the silhouette of a woman holding an umbrella. Additionally, Burberry shoes will have a “Burberrys of London” logo on the inside. Lastly, genuine Burberry shoes will lean towards the right inside the box – this is caused by the weight of the heel.

Check the Price

Finally, a surefire way to tell if your Burberry shoes are fake is by examining the price. Genuine Burberry shoes can cost anywhere from a hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars. If you find a pair of Burberry shoes selling for unusually low prices, it’s likely that it’s a counterfeit.

It’s always important to be wary of counterfeiters. To ensure that you are purchasing a genuine pair of Burberry shoes, follow the tips outlined in this article. Keeping an eye out for all the details – from the packaging to the sole – will help you in distinguishing between a real pair and a fake.

Burberry Logo

The iconic Burberry logo is instantly recognizable, with the signature combination of a floating, equestrian knight and the brand’s initials. The Burberry logo should always be visible on any item purporting to be genuinely Burberry, and if it isn’t there, it’s a dead giveaway that the item is not Burberry.

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All genuine items have the logo even if the color is slightly different, such as if it is a lighter pink than normal. The Burberry logo should always be particularly clear on the shoe’s sole.

Materials Used

The quality of materials used for Burberry items should be superb. Genuine shoes will always be made with 100% leather and will feel the touch. Imitation Burberry shoes are typically made with plastic or synthetic materials that can feel smooth and look okay to the untrained eye. If you ever have doubts, run your hand over the materials: if it feels cold and lacks texture, then it’s almost certain that you are touching an imitation.


In terms of construction, Burberry shoes should feel solid and well made. Any signs of puckered stitches, loose threads, unclear lettering or faded logos are signs that the shoes you are looking at are not genuine. These shoes will also lack the extra layer of detailing that genuine Burberry shoes boast, such as the bronze buttons on the back of the ankle strap.


Burberry shoes can be found in a range of colors. Popular hues include black, navy, beige, and burgundy; some of these range from dark, almost black tones to light, pastel shades. Of course, over the years the company has also produced shoes in an array of bright and colorful hues, including bright pink and baby blue.


Finally, price is always a sign of authenticity. If a pair of Burberry shoes is being sold on eBay or in a store at an extremely low price, chances are that it is not genuine. Genuine Burberry items typically hold their value over time, so you should always be suspicious of products that are being sold significantly below the usual price point.

Future Opportunities

In the future, Burberry will take proactive measures to protect consumers from fraudulent products. The company has recently announced plans to launch a new range of traceable luxury products in order to ensure that all of its products are genuine. The company’s new initiative will incorporate the use of quantum cryptography to securely link customers directly to their products and combat imitation goods being sold online.

Present Opportunities

At present, Burberry is increasing its efforts to protect consumers from buying counterfeit items. The company has a Zero Tolerance policy, which can be accessed online and provides detailed information on product authentication, as well as links to contact the company directly if there are any suspicions about a purchase. Additionally, the company offers a unique hologram that is applied to some of its items and can be used to verify authenticity.


A further security feature applied by Burberry is the use of barcodes. All genuine products should have a unique barcode printed on the item that can be used to ensure authenticity. The company also uses RFID chip technology to link items to a product database. Once the product is purchased, the customer is able to register the item to their own Burberry account, which enables them to access other authentication features, such as hologram verification.

Additional Features

In addition to the above methods for determining authenticity, there are also certain physical features that will help you to identify a genuine Burberry shoe. Burberry shoes typically feature a distinctive laser detailing of the logo on the inner sole and have a metal shank which provides excellent support and stability. Furthermore, all genuine Burberry shoes will have a subtle tone-on-tone lining pattern, which is usually a small check pattern with a slightly greyish tinge.

Counterfeit Items

If any of the above criteria are not met, then it is likely that the item is counterfeit. Counterfeit Burberry shoes will often have a logo that is too big, too small or incorrectly coloured and the item may also have details that are sloppy or misaligned. Furthermore, these products are often much slimmer than genuine products, and the materials will not be as good quality. In addition, the shoes may not have all of the usual details, such as the heel and toe guard plates or the metal shank.

How can I tell if my Burberry shoes are authentic?

Authenticity is a major concern when buying designer shoes, particularly Burberry shoes. However, it is possible to tell a fake from an authentic pair by looking for certain details. Examine the stitching of the shoe, ensuring that it is even and neat. Look for tags and labels, such as the Burberry logo stamped onto the inside of the shoe. Pay attention to the materials; authentic Burberry shoes are made from high quality leather, suede, and other fabrics. Finally, look for a dust bag and box that typically accompany authentic Burberry shoes. Both should have the brand logo and be printed in the same style as other Burberry items.

How can I check the authenticity of a Burberry shoe online?

If you are considering purchasing Burberry shoes online, there are certain steps you can take to check the authenticity of the product. Search for reviews from customers who have purchased the item before and verify that the images match the product description. If possible, request a video of the product that shows the labels and quality of workmanship. Contact the seller and verify that they are authorized by Burberry to sell their products. Lastly, check the return policy to ensure that you are covered if the shoe turns out to be counterfeit.

Are there any tell-tale signs of a fake Burberry shoe?

There are some tell-tale signs of a fake Burberry shoe that can help you identify the item as a fake. First, check the stitching of the shoes, as it should be even and neat. Counterfeit Burberry shoes may have stitching that is uneven or sloppy. Secondly, examine the materials; authentic Burberry shoes are always constructed with high quality leather and fabrics. If the material looks or feels cheaper than the real thing, it is likely to be a fake. Lastly, look for tags and labels, such as the Burberry logo and check that they are present and correct.

What materials are used to make a genuine Burberry shoe?

A genuine Burberry shoe is made from high quality materials. The shoes generally feature full-grain leather, suede, and other fabrics, such as wool or tweed. The construction should be durable and of the highest standard, with stitches that are even and neat. The materials used to make a Burberry shoe are usually stamped or tagged with the Burberry logo, to confirm authenticity.

Where can I find a Burberry Authenticity Check service?

Burberry offers a free Authenticity Check service to their customers. It is available online via their website. Customers can send a picture of their item, along with a scan of the product label, or a copy of the receipt, to be verified by an expert. This service can help customers determine if their item is genuine, or if it is counterfeit.

Are there any other ways to tell if my Burberry shoe is authentic?

Besides looking for tags and labels, there are a few other ways to tell if your Burberry shoe is genuine. First, pay attention to the size of the item; genuine Burberry shoes come in standard sizes, whereas counterfeit shoes may not be as precise. Secondly, check for a dust bag and box that typically accompany authentic Burberry shoes. These accessories should have the Burberry logo and be printed in the same style as other Burberry items. Finally, look for reviews from customers who have purchased the item before.

A Brief Guide to Identifying Fake Burberry Shoes

Authenticating the authenticity of designer goods can be daunting, but for fashion fans, knowing how to spot a fake Burberry shoe is a valuable skill. Burberry shoes have features that are unique and recognizable, making it easier to spot a fake. This guide explores the common features of shoes in the Burberry collection and provides a list of tips for identifying fakes.


Authentic Burberry Styling Features

To identify a fake Burberry shoe, it is important to understand the common styling features of authentic Burberry shoes. Authentic Burberry shoes have a distinct look with an emphasis on quality and elegance. Shoes in the Burberry collection are typically made of genuine leather, suede or combination of materials. They often feature signature details such as stitched leather panels, elegant leather lining in classic colors and rubber soles.

Authentic Burberry shoes will also feature the brand’s signature check logo. On heels, the logo is a simple repeat of quilted squares and is located on the inside of the shoe near the heel. On flats, like sandals and loafers, the logo will be located on the footbed or the back of the shoe. This signature graphic is often embossed and always features the brand’s colors of red, navy and white.


How to Spot Fake Burberry Shoes

Because Burberry shoes stand out for their distinctive styling features and quality construction, they are often counterfeited. Fake Burberry shoes will often have styling features resembling those of authentic pairs, but may lack the quality materials and construction associated with the brand.

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When considering a Burberry shoe purchase, consumers should inspect the shoe for signs that it is a fake. These tips can help spot the signs of a counterfeit:

  • Inspect the material. Even from just a surface inspection, fake shoes may appear to have a different texture and quality of leather than genuine Burberry shoes.
  • Check the quality of the stitching. Fake Burberry shoes may feature sloppy, uneven stitches, while authentic shoes feature flawless stitching.
  • Inspect the signature check logo. Fake Burberry shoes may feature the brand logo, but it will often be uneven and appear to be crudely printed.
  • Examine the sole. Look for the word “Burberry” imprinted onto the sole of the shoe. If it is not present, the shoe is likely to be a fake.
  • Look for spelling errors. Fake Burberry shoes may have misspelling on labels and other materials included in the box.

It can also be helpful to compare the features of the suspect shoe to the features of authentic Burberry shoes that are sold in stores. By making side-by-side comparisons of the shoe’s label, material, logo and packaging, consumers can quickly identify any differences that can help identify the shoe as a fake.


The Bottom Line

Knowing how to spot a fake Burberry shoe can help fashion fans invest in quality products that will last for years. By examining the shoe’s material, stitching, logo and packaging details and comparing it to the features of an authentic Burberry shoe, consumers can confidently make informed buying decisions.