How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake | Authentic vs. Fake Jordan

How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake | Authentic vs. Fake Jordan

How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake | Authentic vs. Fake Jordan Shoes Guide Many Nike Air Jordan fans love collecting these popular shoes. While the authentic Nike Air Jordans can fetch a high price, it’s important to know how to tell if the shoes are fake.

Authentic Nike Air Jordans come with a manufacturers tag attached to the laces. The tag will include the size, style and color of the shoes as well as the Nike logo and the Jumpman logo. If it doesn’t include these logos, then the shoes are fake.

How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake

When inspecting the sneakers, pay attention to details. Authentic Nike Air Jordans feature premium materials such as genuine leather, quality stitching, and consistent colors throughout the shoe. If any of these things don’t seem right, then the shoes are likely fake.

Authentic Nike Air Jordans should have a unique serial number on the inside of the tongue. It will activate a “special designation” on the official Nike website confirming if the shoes are authentic or not. If the shoes don’t feature this number or are not able to be verified on the website, then they are likely fake.

If buying the shoes online, it pays to buy from a reputable seller. Also, pay attention to the price. Nike Air Jordans cost significantly more than most other sneaker brands, and if the listed price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Doing research on the style, color, and size can also help determine if the shoes are real or fake.

Real vs Fake – The Differences

Authentic Nike Air Jordans are some of the most sought-after shoes in the world. Many replica and counterfeit shoes have flooded the market, making it hard to differentiate between the real and the fake. Genuine Nike Air Jordans may cost more, but savvy shoppers will be able to spot the difference and purchase a pair for a reasonable price. The most important and first thing to inspect is the logo. The iconic “Jumpman” or “Swoosh” logo which appear on authentic Nike Air Jordans should be stitched with precision, while replicas tend to have sloppy finishes.


Manufacturing Quality

The overall manufacturing quality of Nike Air Jordans can help buyers differentiate between the genuine and replica. While comparing both shoes, look at the reinforcement and the bottom sole. Authentic Nike Air Jordans should be strongly reinforced, with a well-built, sturdy sole. If the air pockets don’t appear to be evenly distributed, then it is likely a fake. Real shoes maintain their shape and don’t bulge out on one side. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, the overall materials should be of a high-quality and of good thickness.

Color Palette

Counterfeit Nike Air Jordans will often have inaccurate colors, while authentic pairs have precise hues and colors that appear accurate. It isn’t uncommon for knockoff manufactures to skimp out on ink quality and colors, leaving a sloppy pair of shoes. Authentic shoes have unique colors that manufacturers take great pride in. Pay close attention to the colors palette, if the colors look off, the chances are the shoes are most likely fake.

Retail Price

Authentic Nike Air Jordans will often be more expensive than replicas. Take caution when shopping online since many replicas are sold for unusually low prices. Replicas will also be offered in novelty colors, which authentic shoes do not come in. It is important to investigate the retailer before buying online. Once you confirm that the store is genuine and authentic, compare prices. The more expensive ones are more likely to be genuine.

Authenticity Guarantee

The best way to make sure you have genuine Nike Air Jordans is to buy them at a trusted source or reliable retailer. Stores that offer authenticity guarantees only sell genuine products, so customers won’t have to worry about being sold a replica. Everything from Nike Air Jordans to Nike T-Shirts must pass the authenticity check. These stores rigorously inspect the merchandise with a set of criteria and are meticulous when it comes to verifying authenticity.

Authentic Packaging

When shopping for Nike Air Jordans, don’t forget to look for the official packaging. The box should be printed with the traditional Air Jordan logo, the classic Nike “swoosh,” and “Air Jordan” signature. The box should be made of high quality cardboard and should close securely, while the lids of the shoes should be marked with the official logo.

The packaging should be dust and water resistant and display any other important details such as a shoe size label. The Jordan logo should be centered on the shoebox and there should be a “Jumpman” logo printed on it, along with the words “Air Jordan.” How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, the lids should clearly show the type of shoes and their corresponding name, like “Retro Air Jordan 1”.


Original Stitching

When purchasing a pair of Nike Air Jordans, original stitching is another good way to tell the difference between genuine shoes and counterfeits. The first thing to note is that shoes that don’t have any visible stitching are likely not original. The stitching should be uniform and even, with small stitches near the toe that appear neat and clean. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, a good way to tell if a pair of Jordans are genuine is to check the placement of the Jumpman logo on either side of the shoe.


How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake

It should be neatly stitched and the two logos should be the same size. If the logos seem different in size or are not evenly placed, this should be a red flag.


High Quality Materials

It’s also important to look for high quality materials when trying to determine if Nike Air Jordans are authentic or not. Genuine Nike shoes feature high quality leather and suede, while fake shoes usually feature a plastic-like material that doesn’t feel like genuine leather. Genuine Nike shoes will also feature an interior lining that is plush and soft, while high quality leather will be featured on the insoles of the shoes.



How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, original Air Jordan shoes often feature mesh mesh material on the side or tongue of the shoe. This can be a helpful way to distinguish authentic shoes from cheap knock-offs.

Insole Stamp

The insole of Nike Air Jordans should contain an original “Jumpman” logo. This logo should be printed in red and should be positioned towards the back of the shoes. The logo should sit on an insole that is clean and feature a unique Nike serial code which can be used to verify its authenticity.

If the serial code is absent from the insole, it is likely that the shoes are either counterfeit or a second-hand pair. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, the lettering can be a hint determining authenticity, as genuine shoes will feature a simple font, whereas counterfeit shoes feature a font that stands out.

Price Tag

Lastly, Nike Air Jordan shoes should have a price tag that reflects the appropriate retail price. Anything much higher than the average retail price should have you questioning its authenticity. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, be aware of any deals that might seem too good to be true as these could be signs of fake shoes. Since counterfeits are sold at a fraction of the cost of the genuine shoes, be wary of any deals that offer new Nike Air Jordans at a fraction of the regular price.

Poor Quality Materials

Authentic Nike Air Jordans are made with premium quality materials that are meant to last. Fake Air Jordans will often be made with inferior materials, such as cheap pleather instead of genuine leather, and poor quality synthetic rubber. Not only will these lower quality materials feel different to the touch, but they won’t hold up as long and will show signs of wear and tear much sooner than genuine Nike Air Jordans. Spotting the difference in quality materials may require some close inspection, feeling the materials and looking for thicker, higher quality materials for the genuine model.

Inexact Numbering

Sneakerheads will often pay attention to the internal model code of Nike Air Jordans to make sure it matches up exactly with the style, as each model is given a unique internal model code. Fake Air Jordans may have the same code, but is either slightly off or missing altogether. This can be an indicator that the Nike Air Jordans are not authentic. To spot this, look closely at the tag on the inside of the shoe and confirm it matches with the exact style you’re trying to purchase.

Wrong Labels

When inspecting the shoe for authenticity, it’s important to look for the correct labels. If the Air Jordans are genuine, there will be labels on the tongue, insole, and inside the shoe that say Nike. On fake Air Jordans, the labels may be missing or spelled incorrectly. This can be a telltale sign the shoes are not real, as the real models will have the labels correctly spelled and correctly placed on the shoe.

Unattractive Boxes

When purchasing Nike Air Jordans, it’s important to look at the box in which the shoes are sold. It should be printed with a bar code, manufacturing information, and the Air Jordan logo. On fake boxes, the printing can be sloppy or poor quality. It’s also important to note whether the box matches the shoe size. On authentic Nike Air Jordans, the box should correspond to the shoe size. If it doesn’t, the shoes may be fake.

Incorrect Styling

Authenticity can also be determined by looking at the shoe itself. Genuine Air Jordans will include correct styling, such as the correct pattern along the sides of the shoes and the correct color combinations. Fake Air Jordans can often have slightly off colored patterns, an incorrect number of eyelets, or other details that don’t match the style of a genuine Nike Air Jordan.

Check the Quality of the Structure

Authentic Nike Air Jordan shoes are made with premium materials and should have a quality look and feel. Inspect the entire design including the stitching and sizes. If there are any visible defects or shoddy stitching, then the Jordans are most likely fake. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, observe any logos or design and make sure all the logos are in the correct position, same font and colour. All details should be flawless and no piece of the structure should look out of place.

Compare the Price

Nike Air Jordan shoes should never be sold at a drastically discounted price. Check the price of the shoes from multiple retailers to get an indication of the typical prices for the particular Jordan model. If the price of the shoes is significantly lower than other retail prices, then there’s a good chance they’re counterfeit Jordans. Also consider any additional shipping costs, as counterfeiters often offer free shipping that is often too good to be true.

Feel the Shoe’s Weight

Authentic Nike Air Jordan shoes are made with premium materials and should feel heavy. If they feel unusually light, then they’re likely fake. To get a good feel of the weight, hold the shoe in both hands and compare the weight. Feel the density of the sole and the upper part of the shoes. Authentic Nike Air Jordan shoes should feel sturdy and well-crafted.

Look for Quality Logos

Authentic Nike Air Jordan shoes should have flawless logos and designs. If the logos look blurry, have missing stitching or have a different colour, then the shoes are likely fake. Inspect the jumping man logo and the Air Jordan logo to make sure they’re not mismatched or out of place. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, observe if the logo appears to be overly thick or connect with a pencil eraser to look for proper stitching.

Scrutinize the Packaging

Be certain to check the box of the Nike Air Jordan shoes for any imperfections such as incorrect colours, the wrong font, font size etc. Also make sure that the overall size and weight of the package feels authenticate. If the packaging doesn’t feel heavy and robust, then there’s a good chance the Jordans are fake. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, when you open the box, make sure it doesn’t smell of formaldehyde as fake shoes are often made with toxic materials.

Check the Labeling

When it comes to determining if Nike Air Jordans are fake, the first step is to check the labeling. All genuine Nike Air Jordans will include specific labeling and information on the shoe that will indicate its origin and authenticity. Start by checking the left inside of the tongue of the shoe, the shoe size should be printed on that label. The information should also include production location and the type of material it’s made from. If the information is not detailed and accurate, it’s most likely a fake.

Observe the Quality

This is another way to tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake. Real Nike Air Jordans are typically made with superior quality materials, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. The stitching should be even and smooth, and the eyelets should not be misshapen. Fake versions usually have inconsistent stitch counts and may have misaligned eyelets. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, real Nike Air Jordans feature smoother, thicker tongue and heel pieces than the fakes. The customer should be able to easily tell the difference between the two.

Scrutinize the Soles

The soles of the shoes are another easy way to tell real vs. fake. The customer should always take a good look at the bottom of the shoes. This is because the bottoms of real Nike Air Jordan’s sole have a signature pattern on them, usually a diamond-like pattern. This is usually missing on the fake versions. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, look out for air bubbles and unevenness, which usually signifies that the shoes are not genuine.

Research on the Internet

One of the best ways to determine if Nike Air Jordans are real or fake is to research the shoes online. Sites like eBay, Amazon, and offer detailed descriptions and images of all the different styles, which can help when it comes to making sure the customer is getting the genuine article. Also, check out reviews from other customers and research any customer complaints, which can also help in determining if the shoes are genuine or fake.

Weigh the Shoes

In order to check the heft and weight of the shoes, the customer should weigh them on a scale. Genuine Nike Air Jordans are made using premium leather, which makes them heavier than the fake ones. The fake versions will appear lighter and flimsier than the real ones. This is because they are usually made with cheaper materials. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, they may not have the same padding or air cushioning as the real Nike Air Jordans.

Step 1: Check the Nike Logo

Authentic Nike Air Jordan sneakers will feature a Nike logo on the upper outside of the shoe. When examining the Nike logo look for wrong font style, misplacement, or any other abnormality. The Nike Logo should always be in the center of the air jordan on the outside of the sneaker. A lot of fakes fail to get this correct.

Step 2: Check The Jumpman Logo

A Jumpman logo should also be present on the outside of an authentic Nike Air Jordan. Examine the detail in the Jumpman Logo. The wings and basketball should be clearly visible and the line detailing should be consistent. Fakes tend to look warped and the print quality is often visibly different.

Step 3: Inspect the Back Tab

Authentic Nike Air Jordans should feature a back tab. The tab should be well placed in the center with properly stitched lettering or numbering depending on the style of shoe How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake. Fakes tend to have lettering or numbering off center or not placed evenly in the center.

Step 4: Examine the Stitching and Seam Details

Inspect the the seams of the Nike Air Jordan for any visible inconsistencies like shifted patterns, crooked stitching, loose threads, and overall poor craftsmanship. Fakes tend to have these irregularities which are clear signs of a counterfeit.

Step 5: Look at the Colour Distribution and Balance

Authentic Nike Air Jordans should feature an even colour distribution, consistent colour balance, and colour blocking should be even. Fake shoes tend to have poor colour distribution and the colour blocking fails to be consistent.

Step 6: Check For Any Visible Defects or Irregularities on the Shoe

Authentic Nike Air Jordans should feature a shiny smooth surface with no visible irregularities, defects or blemished on the inside and outside of the shoe. Fakes may tend to have dimples, wrinkles, or other visible defects on the surface, which are signs of being counterfeit.

Step 7: Examine the Inside and Inside Heel Sole Stamps

Check the inside and heel sole for an imprinted Nike logo. Authentic Nike Air Jordans should feature an imprint of the Nike logo, which should be a rubber stamp. Fake Nike Air Jordans shoes may fail to have this imprint.

What Are The Tell-tale Signs of Fake Nike Air Jordans?

Fake Nike Air Jordans are a real problem. They look just like the real deal but they lack the quality and craftsmanship of genuine Jordans. Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs that can show you whether or not you are in possession of a pair of authentic shoes. Here are 10 tell-tale signs of fake Nike Air Jordans that you should know about.

Study the Nike Logo

One would think that if a shoe is a fake, it wouldn’t be able to pass a basic test like the Nike logo. But surprisingly, some fake Nike Air Jordans have a precise Nike logo. But not all do, and that’s why it’s important to study the logo. Carefully examine the Nike logo and look for minute details like difference in font and colour. If you notice anything off about the logo, it’s a tell-tale sign of a fake shoe.

Check the Inside Stitching

The inside stitching of genuine Nike Air Jordans is exquisite and almost perfect. On the other hand, fakes often have an uneven or sloppy stitching job. Inspect the inside of the shoes, look at the seams and try and figure out if the stitching is good or sloppy. Uneven stitching is bad stitching. And bad stitching is a sign of a fake Nike Air Jordans.

Compare Shoe Sizes With Official Charts

It is no secret that counterfeits come in all shapes and sizes. This is why it is important to verify the size of the shoes by comparing it with official size charts. Check the shoes for markings like size, width, color and other such details. Compare these markings with the official size chart and make sure that they line up. If the details don’t match, it’s most likely a fake.

Check for a Production Number

Most fake Nike Air Jordans lack an internal production number. This number is usually on the tongue and is used to indicate the date of production. If there is no number on the tongue, it could mean that the shoes are fake. But even if the shoebox has production numbers, they are sometimes copied and used in fake shoes. In this case, it is best to cross-check the production number with the official Air Jordan website.

Inspect the Bottom Sole

A genuine Nike Air Jordans have an inscription on the bottom sole. It usually reads ‘Nike Air’ or ‘Air Jordan’. This is a mark of authentication and it is an important way to tell whether the shoes are fake or not. Carefully inspect the bottom sole and look for the inscription. If the inscription is not there or it is badly spelled, it may be a fake.

Feel the Weight of the Shoes

The weight of the shoes is another thing that must be checked. Real Nike Air Jordans are usually made of materials like leather and suede that add some weight to the shoe. On the other hand, fake shoes are often made of cheap materials like plastic and rubber that make the shoes much lighter. Take a moment and feel the weight of the shoes and make sure it is in line with a genuine shoe.

Check for Quality Materials

Genuine Nike Air Jordans are made of high quality materials and have perfect seams. Fake shoes lack quality materials and have starts and ends of seams that are not aligned properly. Carefully inspect the materials used in the shoe and just make sure that the seams are perfect. If the material appears to be cheap and the seams don’t appear proper, it’s probably a fake.

Look for Double Product Markings

Fake Nike Air Jordans often have double product markings. This means that there may be two Nike logos or other markings that should not be on the shoe. This is an easy way to tell if the shoes are fake or not. Carefully look over the shoe and see if there is anything that shouldn’t be there. If there is, it’s a fake.

Compare Prices With Retailers

Genuine Nike Air Jordans come with a hefty price tag. Counterfeit products usually have low prices to lure unsuspecting buyers. Compare the price of the shoes with the price of a retail store or online retailer How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake.

Examining the Logo and Nike Swoosh

Before purchasing a pair of Nike Air Jordans, it is important to make sure they are authentic. One of the most effective ways to do this is to examine the logo and Nike swoosh. If you look closely at the logo, you should be able to tell if it is slightly askew, or if the stitching is off or if the colors are wrong.

The Nike swoosh should also be carefully inspected, making sure it is slightly raised, made of the right material, and overall has a professional look. Even the small details can indicate if the shoes are authentic or not.

Check the Box

The box of the Nike Air Jordans should also be carefully checked for any discrepancies. It should be exactly what you expect from a pair of Nike Air Jordans. The design, colors, and dimensions of the box should all match what you expect for that particular pair. If there are any discrepancies, such as misspellings or wrong colors, it is most likely a fake.

Check the Tongue Label

The tongue label of the Nike Air Jordans should be carefully checked, as this can be an indicator of authenticity. The text and colors should be exactly as expected, with the font and stitching looking professional. The size of the label should also be checked, as it should be the appropriate size for the shoe.

Inspecting the Details

The details of the Nike Air Jordans should also be examined. The forefront of the shoe should have the correct shape and should appear professional How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake.

The back of the shoe should also have its own distinguishing features, such as the classic jumpman logo. The material used to make the shoe should also feel and look professional.

In The Bottom Line

In order to tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, it is important to make sure that the logo and Nike Swoosh are in the right place, the box matches expectations, the tongue label is the right size, and the details of the shoe have the right shape and material. How To Tell if Nike Air Jordans are fake, it is important to make sure there are no misspellings, as this could also indicate a fake. Overall, it is important to examine all the details, as this can provide some indication as to whether the Nike Air Jordans are real or not.