How to Shrink Canvas Shoes

How to Shrink Canvas Shoes for Canvas shoes can be easily stretched out due to repeated use or exposure to water. If your canvas shoes are too loose or have become stretched out, you may be able to shrink them back to their original size with the following steps. 


How to Shrink Canvas Shoes

We’ve all had the experience of discovering the ideal pair of shoes only to discover they’re just a smidgeon too large. We are going to teach you how to shrink canvas shoes in this article and you can easily follow them to get your work done.

It may sound strange to shrink a pair of canvas shoes, but it’s a simple process that can ensure your shoes are wearing for years to come without having to replace them.

How to Shrink Canvas Shoes

If your shoes have stretched out or are too big for your size, don’t throw them away just yet; they CAN be rescued! Canvas shoes can be shrunk back to their original size or tightened for a more comfortable fit using the procedures mentioned below.

Things We Need to Shrink Canvas Shoes

The things that you are going to need to learn how to shrink canvas shoes are:

  • A blow Dryer
  • Cushion
  • A normal Dryer

How to Shrink Canvas Shoes

Let’s look at how to shrink canvas sneakers because it’s both simple and cost-effective. If your shoes are at least a size too big, you’ll have to reduce the entire shoe rather than just the toes.

Fabrics like canvas are prone to shrink when dried in a home dryer. As a result, it’s a good idea to utilize them to shrink the canvas upper area of shoes. However, keep in mind that this procedure will merely shrink the canvas material of your shoes.

There are a few methods that you can follow to shrink canvas shoes.

The Cushion Method

If you don’t want to use a blow dryer on your sneakers, pumps, or boots because they don’t fit quite right, choose soles or cushions instead. Put a sole in the back of your shoe if it’s too lengthy. Place a whole foot sole or one to fill in the toe region to elevate your foot if your toes have too much wriggling room or if there’s a gap between your foot and the top of the shoe.

The Blow Dryer Method

If you have leather shoes that are a little too big, all you need is a little water in a spray bottle and your beloved blow dryer to shrink them. After you’ve gathered your shrinking materials, liberally spritz your shoes, but don’t saturate them. After that, simply use a medium-speed blow dryer to dry your shoe. Try the shoe on after it’s totally dry. Repeat the method if it’s still a little loose.

Using Blow Dryer to Shrink Canvas Shoes

The Regula Dryer Method

Another method that you can follow to learn how to shrink canvas shoes is by using a regular dryer. In contrast to leather shoes, if your canvas shoes need shrinking, you must soak them. Simply toss them in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes once they’ve been totally wet. In short time, the heat will have shrunk your shoe.

If you’ve mistakenly shrunk them too much, though, put on a pair of thick socks to stretch the cloth out.

Toss Your Shoes Into the Dryer

The preceding processes work because the canvas is a natural material that reacts nicely to water and heat.

Because of the material’s affinity for certain elements, the clothing shrink, resulting in a tight fit.

This may be an issue for some, but they are your greatest friends if you want your shoes or other apparel to shrink.


How Do You Shrink Fabric Shoes?

The dryer approach is the best way ahead if you have a pair of fabric or canvas shoes that you need to shrink. You’ll need to soak them in water for a few minutes before putting them in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Your shoes will shrink as a result of the heat.

You may always leave your shoes in full sunshine to dry if you don’t have a dryer or want to utilize natural heat. However, don’t keep them out in the sun for too long, since the color may fade.

How Can I Make Big Shoes Fit?

There are a couple of methods that you can follow to make big shoes fit. The first one is wearing thicker socks or wearing multiple pair of thin socks. This will make sure that your leg and shoe comes in contact. These are best for boots or athletic shoes.

However, they are really uncomfortable during hot and humid weather, especially if you have sweaty feet. The second method is to stuff the toes of your shoes with different materials. For example, you can use cotton balls, tissue paper, toilet paper, or even rags that are thin.

Put Cotton Balls on Your Shoe

This method is best for flats, boots or heels that are close-toed. However, if you are athletic, or walk a long distance, this might not be good for you. The third method is using an insole. This is best for most of the shoes that we regularly wear. However, they are really expensive.

Are New Shoes Supposed to Be Tight?

This depends on the tightness of the shoes. Yes! New shoes are supposed to be tight because no one has worn the shoes yet and as a result, they aren’t stretched yet. However, if you find that they are too tight to put your shoes in, or you are feeling a lot uncomfortable and can’t walk for long, then the shoes might be not for you and you should check another size for the shoe.


Oversized shoes should never be worn since they can cause blisters and injuries. As well as being exceedingly unpleasant and potentially dangerous while walking or jogging. As a result, it’s critical to understand how to downsize your favorite pair of canvas shoes so they fit your feet better.

Canvas shoes may be shrunk in a variety of ways, and the technique is as simple as it is useful. The steps outlined above are simple to follow. It will help you learn how to shrink your canvas shoes in no time. So, what do you have to lose? Now is the time to try these procedures and rescue your favorite canvas shoes!

If you have any other question, please do feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to read our previous article where we talk everything about shoes.

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