How To Identify Original Nike Shoes? (5 step)

How To Identify Original Nike Shoes? (5 step). When it comes to purchasing Nike sneakers, one of the most important decisions to make is ensuring you are getting original, high-quality Nike shoes.


How To Identify Original Nike Shoes

It’s important to buy authentic Nike shoes because replicas can lack the durability and overall quality of the real Nike shoes.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss five steps to ensure you are getting genuine and authentic Nike shoes. With these steps, you can feel confident that you are buying the original product. Let’s jump right in!


 Do Your Homework

The first step to ensuring you’re buying original Nike shoes is to do some research. Understand which brands and models are original Nike shoes and which are imitations from other brands.


Look for pictures of authentic Nike shoes on the official Nike website and read customer reviews from people who have already purchased the Nike shoes you have in mind.


Also, look for any serial numbers or holograms that the original Nike shoes may have. This is important as non-legit Nike shoes most often do not come with such information.


Check the Materials

When considering a specific model of Nike shoes, look over the material that the shoes are made of. Authentic Nike shoes are made of high-quality materials that are designed to last long and stand up against wear and tear.


In addition, look for well-made stitches and properly assembled accessories and design elements. Make sure each pair of shoes is constructed from several different materials, like plastic and foam, or whatever is necessary for the shoe’s construction. Poorly sewn seams, fabrics, and materials could be a sign of knockoff shoes.


Look for Official Labels

Check the tags of the shoe as well, as legitimate Nike shoes will come with official product labels. Make sure to pay attention to the label’s text as well, as Nike shoes will have a tag that reads in a certain font and order.


In addition, legitimate Nike shoes will come with a care label, which offers instructions on how to properly clean and store Nike shoes. The label should read directly to Nike, instead of a generic label.


Look For Authenticity Tags

Most original Nike shoes come with an authenticity tag, which offers a visual representation of the company’s name. For example, an original pair of Air Jordans will have the signature Nike Air Jordan wings logo.

Check the sole of the Nike shoes as well, as many models have the Nike name and logo printed on it. Brands other than Nike typically won’t have this feature on their shoes.


Sometimes, Nike shoes may also come with Nike+ technology, which helps the wearer to track different personal metrics such as time running, distance, and calories burned. While Nike+ technology is now used by countless different shoe brands, it is a feature that was initially designed by Nike.


Review the Serial Number

Finally, if there is a serial number associated with the shoe, look up the numbers online to check if the shoes you are looking at are authentic. Serial numbers will often be associated with the product’s model name and often are unique to the year the shoe is released. To do so, look up the serial number to see if it correlates to the same model name.

Additionally, some serial numbers will come with a barcode, which you can scan in the store to check for authenticity before you make your purchase.


What types of materials are authentic Nike shoes made of?

Authentic Nike shoes are generally made of synthetic and natural materials such as leather, suede, mesh, and rubber. Additionally, the construction of Nike shoes are quite detailed and precise, with clean and tight stitches.


 Are there any official labels on authentic Nike shoes?

Yes, authentic Nike shoes come with an official product label, which offers details about the shoe’s size, style number, color, and item numbers. The label should be written directly to Nike and will come with an instruction manual as well.


Are there any authenticity tags on genuine Nike shoes?

Yes, most genuine Nike shoes come with an authenticity tag in the form of an icon or logo. For example, Air Jordans come with the signature Nike Air Jordan wings. Other models may come with a small Nike Swoosh logo on the sole of the shoe.


 Is there a serial number associated with Nike shoes?

Yes, most Nike shoes come with a visible serial number. The serial number will often match to the model name of the shoe. Product websites such as Nike will have additional information associated with it.


Is there a way I can check the authenticity of Nike shoes before I make my purchase?

Yes, if there is a serial number associated with the shoes. You can look up the numbers online to make sure the shoe is indeed an original Nike product. In some cases, Nike shoes will also come with a barcode, which you can quickly scan in the store to check the shoes’ authenticity before you purchase them.


Buying genuine Nike shoes is an important task for anyone looking to purchase quality sneakers. By following these five steps. You can make sure that the shoes you purchase are authentic and made from real Nike materials.


How To Identify Original Nike Shoes

These steps include doing research on the shoes you are looking to purchase. Checking the materials and construction of the shoes. Looking for any official labels, inspecting any authenticity tags, and looking up the serial number.

By following these steps, you can assure yourself that you are indeed purchasing original and authentic Nike shoes. Happy shopping!